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The Catholic League has announced De Blasio is boycotting this years St. Patrick days Parade because marchers wont be allowed to display Pro-Gay signs


  • Why aren't participants allowed to display pro-gay signs?
  • Cause The Catholic League most likely.
  • If he's really a man of principles, he'll be boycotting a whole lot of other parades and festivals then. But this is more political than principled.
  • What other festivals and parades actively discriminate against homosexuals?
  • Bigots don't deserve recognition. Well done Mayor Bill.
  • Just to play Devil's Advocate because I think it's good for you think the GLAAD parade would let marchers who carried signs stating they're hetero in the parade?
  • The West Indian parade organizers allow participating groups to demonstrate their identity in lots of ways (where one works, the country of origin, political party, etc), but I don't think I have ever seen a GLBTQ group or heard of one being denied participation.There are certainly folks from the West Indies who are GLBTQ. I suspect the GLBTQ folks want to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade in large part because they know that the organizers don't want them.
  • In my comment, wasn't insinuating other groups/parades bar LGBT groups specifically, but likely quash other groups who maybe arent as vocal as the LGBT group is. I dont know what the law is, but apparently an organizer can prevent free speech even though its using city property/resources, as is the case here. Maybe that's their right, and it keeps every parade from becoming a shitshow of opposing viewpoints intentionally trying to get in (Tibetans/Taiwanese in Chinese parade, palestinians in Israel Day parade, etc).But maybe he can also make a public boycott statement about the Puerto Rican Day parade, with its well documented misogyny and violence.
  • I suspect that boycotting the Puerto Rican day parade would have substantial political repercussions to DeBlasio; he would alienate supporters.Whereas boycotting the St Patrick's Day parade may simply annoy people who ALREADY dislike him.
  • Remembering from the past.. The group that was prevented from marching was ILGO (THE iRISH lesbian and gay organization?) who presumably are Irish and deserve a place at the table. And yes the Pride Parade allows straight marchers - witness the Pflag (Parents, Friends of lesbians and gays?) group. Nobody is asking for a group that isn't Irish to march. Here is the NYT article :
  • Lot's of non-Irish groups march.
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