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Hey, Brooklynian looks different today! — Brooklynian

Hey, Brooklynian looks different today!

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We've got a new look, new features, and a snappy new comment system! Shout out and THANK YOU to @booklaw, @tateinbk, @smokin joe, @mamacita, @whynot_31, @homeowner, @mugofmead111, @newguy88, @goodprospect, @brookfetish, and everyone else who provided feedback over the past few weeks. Your input was invaluable in getting this off the ground.

Let's kick the tires and see what happens! Give it a try, and post any issues you have here.

Other new features:
*Mobile version - iPhone/android version that is actually usable!! Try it on your phone now.
*My Discussions - It highlights your discussions in one tab so you can find them easily
*Drafts - it saves your drafts as you type. When you come back later, you'll see a "My Drafts" thing pop up
*Private messaging/inbox
*Post Notifications - a fancy thing pops up if you are on a page and someone else posts to it.
*Real-time posting - click submit and it shows up pretty much right away.
*Email notifications - see in real time who's commenting on your posts. Don't worry, you can opt out if you don't love it.
*Rich text editor - buttons to easily add bold/italic, photos, web links, etc. It's not enabled now because it needs to be configured (it doesn't work on Chrome mobile so it needs to be selectively turned off).
*Split/Merge - not enabled yet. Other Moderator features too.

Wish list/future:
*Search (eh... not here yet. It's high on the list!)
*Link to open to the last comment in a given thread
*"like", voting, or thumbs up postings
*display categories menu bar for logged out users
*fix some of the pages are that broken. E.G. photos in one thread only show hot links saying "attached files." but once you click on them, photos appear in the thread. Please POST the URLs of broken threads so they can be fixed!
*Categories are disorganized - yes, they are just thrown in there for now. We need a drop down that shows all the forums when you hover over the top toolbar. Everything is on the right now, but could it be nested so it's more organized or at least in alphabetical order.
*make posting photos easier (upload photos directly)


  • When I click on a discussion, can you give me the option of starting at the most recent post?

    At present, the links take me to the first post in a discussion.

  • The PM feature has returned! :)
  • edited February 2014
    Yes, PMs are back!

    In terms of the links taking you to the most recent post. If you are logged in, the site should be doing exactly that. It works for me, and in fact when we were testing this out, the mods were asking for the links to take them to the FIRST post. :)

    It might have to do with the site still trying to catch up with your "last read" posts. I think after you click around a bit, the issue should resolve.
  • I would also like the most recent post link - which is not necessarily "last one I read." With some of the threads on Brooklynian going back several years, I would prefer not to have to scroll back through the whole history of a thread to get to the most recent discussion.

    But let me also say kudos! It looks great and feels faster.
  • yes, it is much faster.

    I took the plunge and started new discussion. Can you add those little formatting buttons? They save me from having to relearn html.
  • Eyy! The Fonza is back! :D So far all seems well!
  • Please move the most recent post to the top and present all postings in reverse chronological order. The current presentation is exhausting as you have to click/scroll through all the history (often from 3 years ago...), just to see the most current. Thanks.
  • Is it still divided by neighborhood or is everything clumped together now?
  • edited February 2014
    hi @naturegirlbk,

    The headline now DOES take you to the most current post. You should see a # at the end of the URL which has the most recent comment number next to it. Let me know if this is now working for you.

    NOTE: you have to be logged in to take advantage of this feature! You will see this type of URL:

    In terms of it being exhausting to pore over 3 years worth of posts - this is not something I can control, short of locking up old posts. On most boards, the old posts drift down, but I think users here are in the habit of doing "one thread forever" for some topics.
  • @epiclylaterd yes, the neighborhoods are still there. Please see the right sidebar. Also, the "Categories" menu item across the top of the site. Let me know if it should be changed to be more obvious or intuitive.
  • Thanks @brooklynian I clearly see the categories on the right side on my computer. However, right now I am posting from my phone. I still do not see the right sidebar.
  • @epiclylaterd oh yeah - the mobile site is zen and stripped down so it's easy to use on your phone. I'll check and see if there is a way to put a "categories" link on the menu bar. You can always scroll to the bottom of the mobile site and click "full site" which would make it easier to peruse categories on the phone.
  • @Brooklynian will the edit ability be returning?
  • I have been too stupid to remember my password and figure out the site for the past few months but yesterday I thought I got it together and posted on the CB8 thread, but my comment disappeared today.
  • @newguy88 yes, it should be there. I'll figure out what the problem is and let you know.

    @ribbons I think you had the last comment before the switch over. I'll find it and restore it!
  • @Brooklynian, the headline does NOT take you to the most recent post! It takes you to the first post in the thread, which means that if it's an old thread, you have to both scroll and paginate to get to the most recent comments.

    After you have already read a thread, the headline does take you to the last place that you read from. But since the new board means that my "place" in old threads was lost, in order to see the current discussion, I have to scroll and page through what can be years of comments to get to the relevant actual post, which may just be one comment.

    I really appreciated the ability to quickly jump to the end of any thread on the old board, and if there is some way to replicate that ability -- whether it's reverse-chronological posting, as @naturegirlbk suggested, or something closer to the previous functionality, I'd ask that you prioritize it. If you can't, maybe you can either (a) get rid of the pagination, so at least I don't have to both scroll and page through to get to the end of the thread, or (b) allow us a way to mark ALL threads as read, so we can effectively jump to the current discussion even in a thread that we've never contributed to. Thanks!
  • @ribbons check your pm; I think I found your post.
  • edited March 2014
    @mishaps I did some further investigation, and didn't find an out of the box way to add a link to the latest post. It may be out there.
    edited February 2014
    It should be noted that once you do click on a post, from then on the previous pages/replies will be remembered as "read' so after that it will jump automatically to the last post in the thread. But yes, we are working on getting that shortcut added or a 'mark all posts read" button added -stay tuned! Lots of stuff to work on, and nothing can happen overnight (the Admin does need to take some time to sleep/work/family)
    The all volunteer staff thanks you for your patience! (Now where are all the smilie buttons?!?)
  • @mamacita @mishaps I think I just figured out how to at least mark all viewed. You should see "Mark All Viewed" in the top menu bar if you are logged in. Does this help at all?
  • I think it helps a lot!

    Thank you!
    I think I just had a eureka moment and did it. 

    Guys... check the "Jump to Most Recent Comment" thing I just added. Let me know if it works
  • it works!
  • edited February 2014
    It is alive!

  • Excellent! Thank you!
  • Is there a way to add a more detailed time tag to comments?  For example, the thread on the PH board about the car explosion on Lincoln Pl reads only "February 14."  It would be helpful to know when on the 14th the car exploded.  Thanks.
  • Probably but will have to look into it.
  • edited February 2014
    I'm attempting to embed a photo, via the little photo icon.

    It seems to work, but it doesn't resize for the screen.

  • The image above looks resized to me.