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Simple, informative websites for small business owners

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Hi. I'm Jake and I live in Crown Heights. Local residents and newcomers to the area want to know about your products, services, location, hours, and other useful information, so let them find you! A simple, informative one-page website is all it takes to bring more customers into your store.




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    @jakefr I like it... but maybe seems like a bit of a tough sell with Wix, Weebly, and other stuff out there. One thing that might be good is to explain how this is better than those services in X Y and Z. Good luck.
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    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I have heard that response before and I actually do recommend Wix, Weebly, WordPress, even Google+ all the time to people who have at least some technical know-how. However, out of 100 nearby businesses that I looked up, less than 10 had a website so I think there are people who still need their hand held along the way, which is completely understandable. For example one business I worked with had a website built for them 2 years ago but they had no idea how to use it until I came along, re-did the website, and showed them how easy it is to make changes on their own (add pictures, re-write text, etc.), so they were pretty happy about that.

    So maybe English is your second language and don't understand some of the website set-up terminology or you don't feel comfortable writing the text on your website. Or maybe websites still seem like scary confusing thing like they were years ago. If so, I'm more than happy to sit down for a no obligation demonstration.
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