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BYFC's Evening of SkillShares


Are you a professional, student, or hobbyist who would like to share your skills -- be it filmmaking, arts, crafts, financial planning, travel experiences or any topic you have enough information on to teach your neighbors for an hour? There will be SkillShares for children and adults. Sign-Up to Be a Presenter!

An Evening of SkillShares

Where the creativity, craft, caring, and curiosity of neighbors from brownstones, high-rises, and public housing can come together


Friday, March 21, 4:30pm – 9:00pm

Ingersoll Community Center

177 Myrtle Avenue

Click here for more details on SkillShare programming for our launch event on March 21 and information on how SkillShares can help your community. 

Doing a SkillShare presentation is great way to connect with people in your community who share your interests, explore ideas, and encourage others to gain new skills.

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