Cop shot at corner of Empire and Utica - Brooklynian

Cop shot at corner of Empire and Utica

According to the Gothamist a on duty cup took three bullets in the leg while at the intersection of Empire and Utica. He is recovering at Kings county and one perp was arrested.

An on-duty police officer was shot in the leg while on patrol in Crown Heights.


  • He's lucky they didn't hit any arteries..  .45 ACP rounds make big holes.  
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    Two off-duty EMTs helped the officer by tending to his wounds.

    That's a little scary. This made me think of the recent crackdown on the B44 SBS. What if that had happened over there?
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    mugofmead is referencing the fact that the incident began when police confronted a man boarding without paying his fare:
    Officer James Li was hit in both legs at Empire Boulevard and Utica Avenue, sources said.

    I'm always impressed when the police apprehend a suspect that shot one of their own, and the suspect is not killed in the process.

    I imagine that takes a lot of restraint by the responding officers.
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    I always thought that was East Flatbush....

    ETA:  I used to walk to that White Castle nearly every damn day my first year living in NYC.  
  • It certainly does take a lot of restraint, whynot !
    I imagine those officers would not have aimed for the perps legs if he had tried to take another shot, at them this time. Certainly would have saved the taxpayers a LOT of "hotel and catering" expenses over the years. No way that this turd can ever be rehabilitated.
    Maybe it's time to institute flogging ... both for the turd himself and the parent/parents who raised him.
  • "I always thought that was East Flatbush"

    Empire Blvd. is the dividing line between East Flatbush and Crown Heights, so, I guess it depends on which side of the street the shooting took place on, as if that really matters.
  • On the news last night this d-bag claimed he shot the officer because "I hate cops" so hopefully he'll have a long time to hate them in jail. And hopefully the COs will get him.
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    The injured officer was released from the hospital today.
    The rookie officer who survived a shooting allegedly by a cop-hating fugitive was released from the hospital on Friday. Officer James Li, 26, was flanked by family and fellow members…
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    Here's Rashun Robinson, the guy being accused of shooting Li:
    A 28-year-old Brooklyn man has been arraigned on charges he shot a rookie police officer earlier this week in Crown Heights.

    And updated video from today:
    A 28-year-old man who was arrested for shooting a rookie police office yesterday in Brooklyn is now facing a slew of charges, including attempted murder and assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon.
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