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A Vision Zero mtg at Borough Hall, April 1


While I have no belief that traffic fatalities (of any variety) will be reduced to "Zero", I am finding this effort/movement to be interesting viewing.

A lot of people want to build on the efforts that took place under Bloomberg, and it should be interesting to see just how much MORE they can change the city's roads. 


  • Photos by Bed Stuy Gateway BID:

  • I am told the effort is primarily motivated by a desire to get the authority to install speed cameras and speed limits, etc to reside with the NYC City Council, as opposed to the state level.

    It is described as well conceived power grab, with traffic deaths as cover.

    ...and it just might work.

    Albany might successfully be painted as a jerk.
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    And guys who wear bike helmets during public meetings might become a force:


    Photo: Bed Stuy BID
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