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With today being April 1st I feel I couldn't find a more appropriate day to comment on the coupling of Mayor Bill and his new pal the incredible shrinking Al Sharpton, whose weight dropped from an astounding 350 Lbs to 135  - 10 of which is pomade. 
When asked why he decided to shed that much weight, Sharpton stated the cattle scale in his kitchen was taking up too much room .

With Bill promoting his 'tax the rich' mantra, it appears that he's not aware of Sharpton's ongoing tax problems - or the Tawana and the deadly Freddie Fashion Mart incidents he masterminded .
Maybe I shouldn't mention the Tawana and Freddie's incidents, as Bill might not have been around when they occurred - he was probably on an extended Honeymoon in Cuba, or busy selling Che Guevara T-shirts in Nicaragua. 
But to be fair, he did settle the law suit against the FDNY by awarding $100 Million to the 1500 applicants who  claimed they were discriminated against.
I wonder how the thousands of women and children languishing in city armories feel about that.

Pre K
I can't stop laughing at his statement that pre-K will aid in stopping school kids from committing suicide - yeah I really believe that.
It's been rumored that he's looking into a revolutionary pre-pre-K program created by Womb Entertainment , that will enable the yet to be born to receive an education while still in the womb. All's well with Orwell !

By simply inserting a chip in the mom-to-be, baby to be can then be introduced to a language of choice , math programs or even readings from some of our current authors, 
Here are a few examples:

Charles Baron's 
"12 years a Councilman" 
"Slap a whitey a day for mental health"

Dantes Biography,
"How my Afro saved New York" 

Hillary Clinton's
"Bullets over Bosnia' 

Bill Clinton's 
"I never had sex with that woman / my marriage to Hillary"

Carriages in Central Park
A deal is being cut with Liam Neeson and the carriage owners , there will be a generous settlement that will enable the owners and horses to return to Ireland - with the stipulation that Charles Rangel return the dentures he borrowed from one of the horses.


  • Referring to Ebony's article "Bill and Al"......"Scintillating"
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     "Bill and Al"......"Scintillating"
    Thanks Raven, glad I gave you something to Rave about
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  • Apparently, Bill feels that Al "deserves more respect than he gets" and that he is "the real thing."  Bill said so in his speech at NAN last night.  Well, shame on Bill!  I recall Al in 1991.  I was personally a victim of his hate and the free bus service to Crown Heights that he provided for all his followers and personally witnessed his activities.  I'm not sure how many people on this site were living in Crown Heights at the time, but I still don't think I need to elaborate on what exactly he did and caused.  Shame on Bill!!!
  • I was definitely in the midst of the Crown Heights riots. The night it started, there were hundreds of black youths running down the street (President) right past my house. Although I did not see him personally, my next door neighbor, a black woman whose son went to a couple of the midday rallies on the corner of EP and Utica, told me that Sharpton was front and center, revving up the crowd, and that he disappeared afterwards when the police were coming near. 

    I find it revolting that DeBlasio thinks that Sharpton is some sort of statesman. Unfortunately, he's not the only one who does. As to Sharpton's other comrades-in-arms, Daughtry is certainly another white  hater. I heard Barron speak when I was working in ENY and he was definitely NOT the voice of moderation. His wife, whom I knew pretty well years ago when she lived in my building on EP and married to another man, found her perfect match in Barron. It is really unfortunate that the Republicans (and democrats, for that matter) have come up with such lousy presidential and mayoral candidates.
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    They had a possible candidate in Christie, but his "I'll block that bridge when I get to it" comment was his downfall.
  • You mean you did not think Palin was qualified???
  • I'd go with  Rob Ford . 
    Yeah, I know he's not a citizen, but does that really matter ?
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