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Moving from Brooklyn to Boston

We've finally been priced out of Brooklyn and are moving back to Boston in July. Can anyone recommend a reliable moving company, and preferably one that won't break us? Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


  • Rainbow Movers – The Friendly Alternative to Stressful ... - NYC
    Stressed about moving in New York? Let Rainbow Movers reduce your stress and make your move painless and easy.

    they are really good!
  • Thanks, eplata! Will definitely check them out!
  • I'd treat that "recommendation" with a very large grain of salt especially seeing how that is eplata's first and only post.
  • Yeah, I kind of wondered about that one, newguy88...
  •  I'd say that the probability is 99.99% that that was a shill. And if they can't be honest and just post, "Hey we are movers and would love your business, check us out!" then they are probably not honest or have integrity in their business interactions as well.
  • Totally agree, mamacita! The fact that the post seemed to be cut-and-pasted from somewhere...along with a "they're really good!" tacked on the end didn't really inspire much confidence... *sigh* 

  • 5x5, maybe the brownstoner forums may be of help too:

    and perhaps Angie's List?
    If you find a good one, please come back and post!
  • Hey guys - Lots of people register to post one thing, and lots of users copy things from websites and paste them here, so I think it's probably not entirely fair to jump on @eplata. If eplata is just a legit user who saw an opportunity to help, then he/she is probably a little confused watching this skewering unfold. On the flip side, a lot of new users may not realize it's perfectly ok to put in a plug for you or your friend's LOCAL business as long as you are upfront in disclosing your relationship to the business owner.
  • Hey!  Rainbow Movers is a tremendous company.
    Excellent people!!!

    I am most certainly not a shill!!


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