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30 Underhill (corner of Pacific) to become townhomes

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At present, 30 Underhill is a one story warehouse of some sort: 

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 12.15.26 PM

Brownstoner is reporting that in a few years, it will soon look like this:



  • That actually looks pretty nice.  
  • I am surprised that they are not choosing to build more units, in a larger, taller structure.

  • If I am not mistaken the larger building across the street might have bought the FAR rights
  • There is now a banner letting people know what the future holds:

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    And, the development of the "downtrodden" part of Prospect Heights/Crown Heights North continues. I have to say that this is excellent news. Also, I appreciate the fact that the renderings are actually quite nice (well, they're not ugly), which is an improvement over some other development trends. 
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    new renderings:

    The glass patio pulpit things are no longer going to happen.


    22 Underhill
    24 Underhill
    26 Underhill
    28 Underhill
    30 Underhill
    32 Underhill
    34 Underhill
    36 Underhill

  • Holy crap - starting at $3,000,000!!!
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    Holy crap is right. Honestly, I expect new listings in the area to be very aggressively priced, especially after 832 Dean between Washington and Grand just sold for $3.45 million, which I think was a strong signal to other agents/developers that new homes in the area can sell for insane prices (a developer definitely referenced that sale when making an offer for our family home the other week). This area's prices are only going to continue going up with all that is going for it.
  • i hate the intersection of Atlantic/washington. i used to live around there and cross it every morning. it's a drag to be around, but hey i guess p heights is really blowing up.

    but think of what you could get for $3 million!!
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    @suppleknuckles, I'm just curious: what do you hate about the intersection? Is it because you think it's dangerous? Or you don't like the aesthetics of the intersection? Or some other reason?

    I used to hate it as well, primarily for the danger associated with it, although the DOT is implementing changes right now to increase pedestrian safety (banning certain turns, adding additional sidewalk/island space, etc.). Granted, I'm still not in love with it (I especially hate the car wash that leads to traffic backups on Washington at times and the lot on the north west corner in Clinton Hill and the hideous storage facility . . . seriously, the bright yellow Brother's Moving facade was 100x better!), but they are filling in the lot on the NW corner with residential I believe and I don't foresee the car wash being there too much longer. In any event, the block of Underhill where these homes are being built is far away enough from the intersection to put a damper on things in my view.

    And, yeah, that's not a lot of space for $3 million, but they seem to be paying more for location, amenities, etc.
  • The homes are about 2000 sq ft, so we are looking at around $1500 PSF.

    The units are built to be ultra fuel efficient, so the buyer may be able to recoup some of those costs in the long run.

    But, yea, the buyers are going to need to have deep pockets and be environmentally concerned.
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    it's mostly the dangerous-ness of the intersection, which among many things was literally a construction site for about 2 solid years, after which nothing safety-wise changed (i think it was a long stalled sewer project...there were actually small trees growing in the construction pit at some point). and yeah, the cubesmart storage facility and carwash are a blight. also the new buildings on washington and pacific also took forever to build and showered the area with styrofoam particles for months on end. it sort of just felt like the shittiest little corner of many much nicer neighborhoods when i lived there. there was never ever a good bodega in the vicinity for a long time--i had to cross atlantic and fulton to go to the nearest decent grocer open past 8pm.

    i have a feeling a lot of these issues have/will start to resolve themselves, after i moved away of course. 
  • Once they do some traffic calming and rezoning on Atlantic, it may be as nice as the much written about 4th Avenue Canyon of Mediocrity.

  • The warehouse is now being demolished.    I expect it to be flat by the end of the week.

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    Lot now flat
  • 880 Pacific
    925 Pacific

  • I don't have a photo, but this site has now reached its terminal height, and is beginning to put in window frames.

  • Didn't look to be finished when I was last in the area a few weeks ago. I wonder what the delay is or if there is a delay at all (i.e. things are on target). 
  • The facades are very plain. They look very much like the rendering above.
  • Here is a shot from last October. Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.09.06 PM Over the winter, they put in the finishings, but I have yet to see a listing.
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