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The Recycling Scavengers of Brooklyn Heights


  • Leave them be. Some of these folks this is supplemental income.
  • Anything to get this city to recycle I support. The noise doesn't bother me and my bedroom is above the bin for my building.

    I was watching HBO on demand a few months back and saw the short documentary "Redemption" which follows around a few NYC canners. I actually saw a guy in it that I see all the time in Crown Heights collecting cans. He used to work in a factory but once those jobs dried up he had to resort to canning.
  • This is a phenomenon that is not exclusive to Brooklyn Heights. 
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    Throughout the city, I am perceiving more healthy, immigrant female canners that I used to.

    I suspect that this is due to:

    1.    The city now being safe enough that women can do this type of work.

    2.    Women supplementing their incomes in order to pay increasing rents

    I am seeing fewer hard core drug addicts can.   I suspect this is because the aforementioned group of females is faster, and able to befriend the building supers so they are told when the recyclables will be put out.
  • You could put all returnables out separately so they could just take what they want quicker and without the mess.

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