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Gardeners Wanted for New Community Garden in Park Slope

edited June 2014 in Park Slope
This summer, Brooklyn has a brand new community garden, GreenSpace on 4th Avenue! The GreenSpace Native Plant Community Garden, as it’s officially known, is on 4th Avenue between Sackett and Union Streets. The garden will feature native perennials, vines, bulbs and shrubs. There will be a nursery area for growing new plants, leaf bins for autumn leaf collection and composting facilities.
The focus will be on cultivating native plants and on demonstrating environmentally sustainable models of using and recycling rainwater. We hope that once it's established it will attract local and migrating birds, and provide a habitat for bees and butterflies.

Now that the warm weather is here, there's plenty to be done in the garden - ground soil to be laid, compost bins to be constructed, seeds and plants to be planted. Everyone is welcome to come along and help create this new garden. If you are interested in getting involved, have tools, garden supplies or money to donate, or if you just want to find out more, please visit or email Judy at


  • This was in the works for what.......12 years. It is about time it arrived!
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