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Super Urgent - Kitties need immediate foster homes!

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The Animal Project, a registered 501c3 charity, needs immediate foster situations for several of our kitties.  If you have any space in your home, even temporarily, for a kitty this summer please let us know right away!  

1. Willie – adorable kitten around 3 months old. Tested vaguely positive for FeLV, but since the test was not conclusive, we need to retest him again in 3 months. Meanwhile, he can be fostered alone or with a dog. He has been fostered by a couple with 2 dogs and got along fine with them, but they are moving to Israel and have to have him out of the house by Wed. This is the most urgent case!

2. Scout – lovely FeLV+ female cat about 2 years old. She does fine as a single kitty and is in very good health. Her foster people are moving and need her out of the house by Friday. She is our second most urgent case.

3. Elvis – Sweet neutered black and white male cat. He has lost two different foster homes already, through no fault of his own. He is currently living in a cage in another rescuer’s home but this is not an ideal situation for him and she would like him out by this coming weekend. He gets along fine with other cats.

4. Three 7-week-old kittens living in the basement of an apartment building. They are the perfect age right now to be trapped and socialized, but if they stay there much longer, they may turn truly feral. This is their chance to have safe, happy lives with people who love them. 

5. Four kittens in Long Island are living in a dangerous situation right now and need to come to Manhattan so that we can find them good homes. They are all friendly and about 8 or 9 weeks old.

6. Violet and Persimmon are two shy adult girls who have been living with a foster in Westchester for a while now. The fosterer has done a wonderful job helping them become less shy, but she has cats of her own and needs to stop fostering for the summer. These are beautiful, healthy tabbies (one brown and one gray) and are about 2 ½ years old.

7. Moose is a big black male cat, about 3 years old. Though not a lap cat, he is friendly and gets along fine with other cats. Moose needs a foster home ASAP as he has no where to go and will lose his home imminently.

8. Three 11 weeks old kittens are currently staying in the apartment of another rescuer. She kindly agreed to take them temporarily, but needs them out as soon as possible as she is not allowed any more pets.

We will work with you to match you to the right foster for your home and help you in any way we can.  We will cover any costs for vetting and reasonable expenses and assist with the socialization of the kittens as necessary.

Contact us at (646) 675-0082 or

Visit our website at: to see pictures of the kitties

Please share with other animal lovers out there!  Thank you!

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