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Chinese food

Hi All
Can anyone recommend real good Chinese food in the area?   I tried so many with no luck at all.

Thank you :-)


  • I can't think of a name off hand, however, the world should be your oyster in that area. Dyker Heights/Bensonhurst is being flooded by new Chinese business. Especially restaurants. The real deals, not the Americanized ones. You're also by Brooklyn Chinatown - the grid being 6th Avenue to 9th Avenue and 65th Street to 48th Street. On the latter - here are my recs:

    Bamboo Garden (or whatever the name of the week is),

    6409 8th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11220

    (718) 238-1122

    New Spring Garden
    912 65th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11219

    (718) 680-2278

    East Harbor Seafood
    714 65th St
    , NY 11220

    Bon Appi!

  • Thank you for the information, I will have to check them out.
  • If you like hot and spicy try Grand Sichuan House on 5th Avenue between 87th and 88th Street. It is really really good.
  • Haven't tried it, but Yun Nan Flavor Snack is apparently well-liked and one of the few Yunnanese restaurants in NYC (and thus, America).
  • In Bensonhurst, I like New Ruan's Restaurant, 1955 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214
    (718) 266-8888. I've been eating here for almost 20 years. Ironically, with all the Chinese taking over the area, the pickings are slim for Chinese food. Most of it is lousy.
  • I heard of New Ruan's Restaurant.   I will give it them a try for sure.   Thank you so much.  I have said the same thing, with all the Chinese taking over the area, you would think we would have the best Chinese food ever.     Thanks again, much appreciated. 
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