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Flatbush and Clarkson Safe?

Hi, thinking of renting at the intersection of Flatbush and Clarkson.  Is this a safe area? How about at night (11pm-3am) ? and..how safe for a single woman walking home alone from the Parkside station? ...Thanks ahead of time for your answers...


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    We might have a few members familar with that area, but the Parkside Q seems to focus on the area exclusively:

    The area is changing very rapidly:
  • Personally, I would use caution being out that late, headed home, and all without a friend or significant other accompanying me. The area between above Empire and below the Easter Parkway is fine. Feel welcome to PM me.
  • Where is Charlton? I don't know that street at all. I think it's fine if it is near the park side stop. It just tends to be empty for the most part. I'd be most worried about getting hit by a car on Flatbush than anything else
  • Perhaps the OP means Clarkson? The only Clarkson I know of is in Manhattan.
  • umm yes, Clarkson..i changed it...sorry and thanks...so, how safe is Flatbush and Clarkson?
  • Damned predictive keyboard! The only CHARLTON I know of is in Manhattan.
  • lol....okay...well Clarkson is in BK....
  • Whynot's suggestion about reading "the Q at Parkside is a good one.
  • reading it already....loving it....
  • I had a dream the other night that I went out for a beer with whynot, Q at Parkside, and Nick from ILFA and just sat and listened to them discuss Brooklyn. Pregnancy dreams are weird.

    That said, I have 2 girl friends who just moved to Clarkson and Flatbush and have enjoyed it. Not tons to do in the immediate area but that is changing quickly.
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    An evening with the three of us would certainly be different than an evening with Tupac and Biggie.

  • are your girlfriends single? Do they commute from NYC? walk home from the Q?  Would love to maybe get in touch with them...poss?
  • They are single and commute into Manhattan.  If they're out after 11pm they tend to take cabs home, but more because if it's after 11pm they're probably drunk/tipsy and so a cab sounds better than a train ride regardless of time.  
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