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Construction chaos continues on Nostrand in BedStuy — Brooklynian

Construction chaos continues on Nostrand in BedStuy

It has now been going on a really longtime. It kinda takes away from the speed of SBS and everything else.

I am ready for it to end.



  • "kinda" ????

    If the DOT and MTA had used their brains, they would not have even thought of starting the SBS on Nostrand until ALL of the construction had been completed. Also, the would have run the SBS from the northernmost stop all the way to the end of the line. And those bumped out sidewalks for the SBS stops are totally unnecessary. They don't have them along 1st and 2nd Aves in Manhattan ... and those streets are seriously wide. I'm sure all the merchants along Nostrand are appreciating this Sadik-Khan fiasco.