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Area around President Street Stop in Crown Heights

Hi - I currently live in Greenpoint, and have lived in Bushwick in the past. I am wondering about the safety of the area around Carroll St btw Bedford and Washington. I've walked around during the day in Crown Heights and really loved the area, but never at night. Please let me know!


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    I walk my dog by there regularly, and have never felt unsafe.

    Lots of good size apartment buildings.

    How much will you be paying? Is the unit renovated or vintage 1910? 1BR?
  • Thank you! It's a 3 bedroom unit for me, my husband, and our baby. The third bedroom isn't really a bedroom (more like a closet) and the apt has been renovated. We are priced out of Greenpoint for space, have lived in the same apartment for 6 years up there, so looking to find a new neighborhood!

    Saw several apartments in various price ranges (from 2100-3000), but just wanted to know about the area first.

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    The area has lots of density, so you should be ready for some noise.
  • Outside noise? Or just close living with apartments on either side? Sorry - can you clarify? Really appreciate it. 
  • Lots of 6 story buildings in close proximity to each other, sharing courtyards.

    If you have lived in a similar setting, this won't be different.
  • I walk around that area after dark, at 10 PM, I have never had any problems. Be aware that sometimes during the day a lady walking around can get comments. I've never had anything rude in that area, more if I walk south of Empire Boulevard. If you're out with your baby in the stroller, you'll not get any comments.

    As for apartments and locations, if the bedrooms face the back area, there should be less noise from the street; however, if the windows face a courtyard of sorts, then there will be noise from other apartments. The weekends can getloud at times, especially in the summer.

    Feel welcome to PM me if you have questions.
  • There can be noise as in people hanging out outside, music from cars, people having parties in the courtyards, especially in the summer and especially related to the parade. I guess it depends on if that is something that you tolerate or not, and of course how loud it is and how long they keep going!

    For the comments, chances are people might comment on the cuteness of your baby :-)
  • There are three schools in the area also (an elementary school at 976 President Street and two high schools on Classon by President). If you are around during school hours, you will see school-aged children (especially teenagers).

    This area is also two blocks from the parade route for Labor Day; be prepared to see (and maybe hear) signs of that everywhere Labor Day weekend.

    Good thing: The IRT is two blocks away at the top of the hill.

    Franklin Avenue is changing for the better. I never had a problem walking down Bedford or Washington Avenue. (Washington is the scenic route due to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.)
  • As a point of reference, my cousin, when in exactly your situation (priced out of Greenpoint with a new baby), moved to one of the coop buildings near Sunset Park.

    Also, definietly aim for an apartment less than $2500 (and in a pre-1970 6+ unit building), as it'll be rent-stabilized, and rents in this neighborhood are shooting up at a rapid clip.
  • Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer!!
  • I would suggest, as I would to anyone moving to any new neighborhood, that you go back and see it for yourself both at night and on a weekend, make the walk to and from the train station you'll be using, and be sure to check out both ends of the block (meaning both the Franklin side and the Washington side). 
  • Also come down during Labor Day weekend if you can. 
  • You are absolutely right, bklyn girl !
    I'm not familiar with everything you've posted so I'm not sure if I would agree with you on every issue, but you do seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

    As to coming down over the Labor day weekend, either you like that kind of thing (no comments, please ! -- I don't, but I've never attended the Puerto Rican, St Pat's, Greek, Purim, or any other parade either). In any case, the West Indian Day Parade is only one day a year. Sure, it's noisy as hell, but one can simply make it a point to leave the house early and visit friends elsewhere in the city or spend the entire day at the movies. Myself, I take a brief trip over to EP (maybe 30 minutes), look around, go back to the house, close the windows, turn on the AC, and find something to keep me busy till about 6PM. Problem solved !

  • What the other poster said about increasing rents.

    Also wanted to point out that this is a great neighborhood with a baby. Go to the botanic garden (free Saturday mornings and all day Tuesday). The public library with story times. The zoo in prospect park. Water splash fun in the Lefrak center. Prospect park in general. The children's museum a little further away but still within walking distance. Underhill playground. Plus a handful of indoor play areas. Everything nice and close.
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    I second Davina's sentiment that this is a great neighborhood for a baby/kids. Prospect Park and Brower Park, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Jewish Children's Museum, the LeFrak Center, the Botanical Garden, the Central Library (plus a totally sweet branch library on St. Marks between Nostrand and New York), CSAs and farmers markets galore. If you have a car, street parking is easy and you are basically within a 10 minute drive to Park Slope/Carroll Gardens/fancy brownstone neighborhoods, 15 minutes to Williamsburg/Bushwick/artsy neighborhoods, 20 minutes to the Rockaways/Jacob Riis Beach/Bay Ridge/Sunset Park and a great variety of Queens neighborhoods. It is also easy to get to Long Island for the beaches and not too difficult to get the upstate NY or NJ.
  • I agree with crownheightster and Davina. I have a small child and there is an endless number of things to do. We also belong to the stomping ground which is a great place if you have kids. We were priced out of a fancier brownstone neighborhood (carroll gardens) and I am much happier here. I would also like to mention that there is nothing better than being near the 2,3, 4 and 5 trains.
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