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Cops block off Park Place at Franklin

I just was riding east on Park Place and found it blocked at Franklin. A friend told me he'd heard  that some lady resisted arrest and a large crowd gathered. 
Did anyone observe what was going on?
With Ferguson MO in the news, cops are really on their toes I'll bet.


  • Any idea if this incident grew out of a car accident, involving a police vehicle?

  • Could be.  I noticed a gray Camry stopped at a weird angle on Park Place.  Come to think of it, my tenant drives a gray Camry, but then so do a lot of people.
  • Yes last night - bit before 9 I think - a car traveling east on park pl was struck by a police car traveling south on franklin ave. friends who saw the entire incident unfold told me that a couple minutes after the accident a family member of the people in the non-police car showed up and started taking video of the scene. The police confronted her and asked for her ID, she refused, knowing that she had no obligation to show it. She stated that she didn't have to show her ID unless she was getting arrested, and then the cops said "we are arresting you." Remember, video or photography of police is protected as freedom of speech under the 1st amendment. The woman taking the video was thrown to the ground by police, and the arresting officer put his elbow on her neck while she was restrained. Then they pulled her up and slammed her against a wall and slammed her head into a metal piece in the wall. This is all whole her children looked on and her little daughter was screaming and crying. She was thrown into a police van and she and the arresting officer left the scene. By this time about 15 cops (or more), an ambulance, a couple of police cruisers and maybe 100 people had gathered around the scene. People watching the events unfold were taking video and all were really shocked and horrified at the brutality of the arrest, as well as the fact the abuse of constitutional rights that had occurred.
  • (I saw this firsthand from when the woman was cuffed and put in the police car, and friends I was with saw the entire incident. Many many people have video - and a couple captured video of the entire incident from beginning to end.)
  • And of course no one mentions the behavior of the woman getting arrested.

  • One is allowed to videotape the police as long as it is not done in a way that it interferes with them doing their job.

    If you interfere, you can be (and often are) charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration, 195.05.

    She will get her day in court. It sounds as if the lawyers will have lots of witnesses on both sides.

  • As per the 77th Pct.:
    The woman in question who was arrested was visibly drunk. She was not a member of or associated with the occupants of the vehicle that was struck. The police on the scene allowed her to rant (drunkenly) for at least ten minutes before she was placed under arrest. Tony Herbert of National Action Network came to the precinct and spoke with DI Lott; he was allowed to see the woman and was given evidence that showed that the woman wasn't assaulted by the police. (Pictures were taken by the police) The arrested woman had on her possession several (approx. six) bottles of Ciroc within her purse/bag. As she sobered up in her cell, she became apologetic.
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