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What's happening in Ditmas Park/Kensington?

Hi all. My fiancee and I are thinking about moving to Ditmas Park or Kensington (so I'm cross posting this message to both forums. There's a lot we love about the neighborhood, but we'd love to hear more from people who live there about quality of life, services, etc. Are property values increasing? Are there enough restaurants? How's that big supermarket on CIA near Cortelyou? We've eaten in some great places over there, but would love input on what living there is like. It's a big decision and the more information we have, the better. Thanks, I hope we'll be neighbors soon.


  • We live in eastern Ditmas Park. We bought our place 2 years ago and in that time have seen a lot of changes - including the unit below us (same square footage/floor plan but needing a lot of work) selling last month for 15% more than we bought our place for - a place that didn't need a new kitchen and bathroom upon move-in.

    As for things to do/go to, there have been some great restaurants and bars opening in the past 2 years as well - adding to the places that were here before we moved here. On Newkirk we love Ox Cart Tavern, Milk&Honey, and Coffee Mob. On Cortelyou we love Bar Cord, Sycamore, Lea, Castello Plan, The Farm, Highbury Pub, and lots more... And on Church we love Dogwood and Wheated a ton. All are on the western side of Ditmas Park but prices are better closer to Flatbush Avenue if you're looking to buy/rent. With the opening of the Kings Theater in a few months on Flatbush Ave the hope is that more places to go will be opening over here...but we are getting a Gap Factory Store and a Crunch soon!

    We love the Stop & Shop grocery store (with parking lot) on Tilden near Flatbush as well as the Co-Op and the Met both on Cortelyou near the Q station. The Asian Grocery near the Q at Cortelyou and Market (next to the Castello Plan) both have good beer selections and TBAckerman has a really nice wine selection too.
  • I know less about Kensington but have lots of friends who live there. They love it - but come to the above-mentioned bars and restaurants most of the time. Hamiltons is really good as is Tacos El Catrin (although they deliver it our end if Ditmas Park even).
  • Thanks so much, this is very helpful.
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