"New Heights" - New Webseries explores Gentrification, Race and Identity in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • NEW HEIGHTS sets out to explore Brooklyn Gentrification through the lens of a young and mixed race actress named Elle. Through the various characters she meets, Elle finds herself confronting the uncomfortable social constructs that underlie our world. After graduating from a prestigious university, Elle moves to Crown Heights, Brooklyn and finds herself not only at the beginning of a difficult acting career, but also at the beginning of self-discovery in a new social landscape.

    Creator Jenna Bosco writes: “I really wanted to write a web series that was funny and relevant to being a young 20-something who is struggling in their career, especially an artistic career. But I also wanted to look at how I was perceived in the new neighborhood I was living in. I wanted to address the issues I observed and was a part of; things like gentrification, race, class, identity and privilege.”

    Please check out the NEW HEIGHTS Season 1 Trailer, and the series premiere, "New Girl On The Block" 

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