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Park Slope for Pets End-of-Summer party! — Brooklynian

Park Slope for Pets End-of-Summer party!

edited September 2014 in Park Slope

At Park Slope for Pets, we’re huge fans of any Brooklyn pet event, but this one’s extra special because it’s our chance to meet you and put a face to all our members! Join us as we officially launch our website to the Park Slope community with our first “Pawty” at The Gate (321 5th Ave) on Wednesday September 17th from 7–9pm. We’re bringing together Park Slope area pet lovers for an end-of-summer hurrah, celebrating our best friends!

Professional trainers Anthony Newman, of Calm Energy Dog Training, and Charles Henderson, of the Charles Henderson Animal Rescue, will be there to answer your questions about training and obedience. And to continue its support of animal rescue organizations, The Gate will generously donate a significant portion of proceeds from sales of Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA to the Charles Henderson Animal Rescue.

The Charles Henderson Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization and animal rescue shelter that was established in response to the overwhelming flood of helpless, hurt, unhealthy, homeless and abandoned animals that fill the city shelters and streets of Brooklyn. Before starting his own rescue, Charles Henderson served as director of another Brooklyn animal rescue where he was directly responsible for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of over 5,000 dogs and 2,000 cats.

The rescue is raising money to open The Unwanted, Discarded & Thrownaway (UDT) Adoption Center, a new no-kill shelter in the Park Slope area. “The shelter will be capable of housing many cats and dogs, each in healthy and comfortable accommodations designed for their mental, emotional and physical well being,” said Henderson, who had to relocate the rescue’s shelter from its previous building late last year.

“At the moment we are rescuing dogs and cats using my home, which significantly hinders and limits the overwhelming volume of animals that are in need of rescue every single day in Brooklyn. Through the UDT Adoption Center, Charles Henderson Animal Rescue hopes to save and rehome over 100 dogs each month and 50 cats each month, or 1,800 dogs and cats in 2015.”

Charles Henderson believes the Park Slope community is the best place to start a new shelter. “Park Slope is a really up and coming area of Brooklyn, and the people are extremely animal loving and super pet-friendly as well as overwhelmingly awesome supporters of animal rescue,” said Henderson. “Opening a no-kill animal rescue shelter in the heart of Brooklyn would be a great addition to the community, as well as a community center, and it would be a welcome and very important service to the animals and people of Park Slope, Brooklyn.”

We can’t wait to see you at our “Pawty”!