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Laurie Cumbo: Capital allocations for cultural institutions

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From her Instagram

"Today, I was pleased to announce more than 22 million dollars in capital allocations for cultural institutions. It is with great hopes that these dynamic arts and culture agents continue to flourish within District 35 and beyond. (Photo credit: @willalatriste)"

The press conference was at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I hope BBG benefits from this as well! :) 


  • More details:

    People who work at, and patronize, cultural institutions tend to vote.

    So, publicizing these expenditures are a wise move.

  • A lot of new funding was announced today (and on Friday), here's my attempt at a full run down:
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    Ms. Cumbo seems to be announcing all of the arts funding awarded, not just her member items.    

    The Brooklyn Borough President’s allocations are as follows: 

    1.City College of Technology: $400,000
    2.St. Francis College: $200,000
    3.Pratt Institute: $257,000
    4.Brooklyn Kindergarten Society: $550,000
    5.Brownsville Collaborative Middle School: $50,000
    6.James Madison High School: $350,000
    7.I.S. 281 Joesph B. Cavallaro Intermediate School: $200,000
    8.P.S. 169: $100,000
    9.P.S. 249 The Caton School: $52,000
    10.P.S. 315K: $50,000
    11.P.S. / I.S. 262 El Hajj Malik Shabazz School: $150,000
    12.P.S. / I.S. 73: $100,000
    13.Sheepshead Bay High School Campus: $225,000
    14.P.S. 325 The Fresh Creek School: $50,000
    15.P.S. 84 Magent School for Visual Arts & Sciences: $133,000
    16.The Wingate Campus: $300,000

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