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High Holidays In Fort Greene — Brooklynian

High Holidays In Fort Greene

Join Us For High Holiday Services In Fort Greene – Clinton Hill
Convenient neighborhood location – Comfortable family friendly environment – Traditional melodies - Hebrew & English – Filled with commentary and explanation - No charge
Wednesday, September 24th
Rosh Hashana
Evening service 6:30 PM
Thursday, September 25th
Morning Service 10:30
Shofar 11:30
Shofar In Fort Greene Park
5:00 PM
Tashlich At The Water
6:00 PM
Community Dinner & Lunch
RSVP Requested For The Meals
Friday, September
Morning Service 10:30
Shofar 11:30
For location information or to make a reservation email or call 718-974-9472
No membership or affiliation required