Cleft palate kitten abandoned at Coney Island Needs Surgery — Brooklynian

Cleft palate kitten abandoned at Coney Island Needs Surgery

If 200 people donate $10 each, this kitten can get her surgery.  Infection while we wait is a reality.  Please chip in to help this little girl!

She is so adorable and playful.  Be one of her Angels!


  • Poor kitty, can you please add a link to the donation site?
  • I really hope $2000 can do a lot more good in the world than this.
  • eastblock, that is just mean and uncalled for. Perhaps consider that old saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all."
  • As of Wednesday morning, we are still under $100 in donations.

    Surgery will be performed at:
    Faithful Friends Animal Hospital • Gravesend
    2455 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223
    (718) 339-7387


    Over 600 people have viewed this post. If each donated $10 we would already have the money for surgery, her spaying and more!

    Please donate for this Coney Island Throwaway's surgery. INFECTION TAKES ITS TOLL AS WE WAIT TO RAISE THIS MONEY.
  • Eastbloc
    A lot of good takes place on many levels beginning with the Humanity being nurtured by the Donor on their own behalf. The currency is not the message; the act of helping a Being who can never repay you is priceless. I do it every month with no regrets.

    The bag of dogfood you gave away a while back also did a lot of good to the recipient. Thank you for passing it along.
  • I've been so distracted and busy that I wasn't able to follow up with information.
    The kitten got her surgery and unfortunately the stitches did not hold. She was not a good candidate. $4,000 later and I still owe $283. but she is fine and just needs to be checked for infections on a regular basis.

    So much good work being done since this last post - it would take a book to post!

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