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Split Threads

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Folks, we have gotten some feedback from readers that certain threads are difficult to follow as they branch off into off-topic discussions. We've taken the liberty of cleaning up one of those threads- Vision Zero. Over the next few days we may clean up a few others. Posters may see more reminders from mods to stay on topic in threads or see threads split to make it easier on readers to follow the discussions.

If posters, readers, or lurkers have thoughts or feedback, please make sure to let any of the moderators know.


  • I think that splitting the Vision Zero thread made it more difficult to follow. Since the bike and pedestrian issue in bikes is part of Vision Zero splitting the threads serves only to limit the discussion. 
  • Haha, sometimes we can't win. We got complaints about that thread. Oh well, moving forward lets just try to keep it on topic. Thanks everyone, sorry for the confusion.
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    Really? People found it difficult to follow? I kind of figured this was the case. But really? It's all Vision Zero. It's all linked together. 
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    I really enjoy the Vision Zero thread because one poster seems to imagine me as a bike hater and car lover, despite:

    -being a longtime member of Transportation Alternatives
    -being a fan of the Complete Streets movement
    -not owning a car since 2003
    -riding my bike regularly
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    You should probably state that in one of the Vision Zero threads. In/his my defense you have been fairly critical of Vision Zero and really haven't been vocal in condemning traffic violence. We should probably move this over to one of the appropriate threads. Assuming of course we don't get split again.

    Mods, I know you have a thankless job. Often times there is no way to make everybody happy. Usually, I understand why you do what you do. However, I really don't see the logic in splitting the Vision Zero thread into 2 separate but completely connected parts. 
  • I find that some people perceive me as "not being very vocal about their cause", and simultaneously others find me to be calm and pragmatic.

    I attribute such differences to the listener rather than the sender.

  • You can't be pragmatic, that's my job.
  • What if I do your job, and give you all of the money I make from it?

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