Nov 2nd: Does God Exist? (Everyone Welcome) — Brooklynian

Nov 2nd: Does God Exist? (Everyone Welcome)

Discovery Lecture: This Sunday, Nov. 2nd (7:00-8:30pm),
party with New Yorkers & take on one of humanity's greatest
questions: "Does God Exist?" 

Bring your friends & join in on the musicnetworking w/ new friendsfood & drinks, & fascinating discussion.  This event will take place at one of the most creative spaces in the borough - Brooklyn Boulders (575 Degraw St., BKLYN) - just a short walk from the Atlantic Terminal.  This event is sponsored by the Brooklyn Ark - your community within the city.

Topics to be covered at this event include:

  • Is Science For or Against the Existence of God?
  • Atheism vs. Theism: What Makes the Best Sense of the Evidence?
  • The Far-Reaching Implications of the God Question (e.g., Morality, Life After Death, Purpose in Life, etc.)
  • Intelligent Design vs. Materialistic Evolution
  • It the Order Observed in the Universe Evidence for a Creator?
  • Where did the Orderly Atom come from?
  • Is there a Purpose to Life?
  • If There is a God, Which God is it?
Without a doubt, these are big questions - but fun questions - especially when tackled with a group of friends.  People of all perspectives are welcome at this free event - atheists, theists, agnostics, & everyone else.  Attend, listen, & throw your thoughts into the discussion.

Please RSVP @ the Brooklyn Ark to let us know that you plan to attend.

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