Manny the cat - owner died- he needs a home. — Brooklynian

Manny the cat - owner died- he needs a home.

We've named him Manny. He appeared in our yard, already neutered and is extremely friendly. He hasn't been reported missing and we've had him for 2.5 months. Rumor has it that he was evicted from his home one street away when his owner died. He's been to the vet, is perfectly healthy and we tested him for FIV & FELV - negative for both. He's 1.5 to 2 years old, at the most. We were hoping to keep him but our senior female cat doesn't like other cats at all. He's a love bug - adores people. Please contact us if you'd like to meet him and please share it with your friends. Thanks so much. email: MANNY


  • Please don't forget to contact the local rescue and TNR groups. Also BARC Animal Shelter, Empty cages collective, FIDO (they also do cats), Sean Casey rescue etc.. they can help with resources and fostering.

    Thank you for taking in this sweet kitty!
  • Thanks for the advice and the nice compliment, appreciated. He has a foster which is the couple who found him. We just need to find him a good home; he's a really nice cat.
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