11/30 @ 6pm: Bible Study: God's Master Plan For History — Brooklynian

11/30 @ 6pm: Bible Study: God's Master Plan For History

Gather with a diverse group of New Yorkers for a weekend recharge through conversation with friends, a great meal, and rich discussion on relevant topics from the Bible.  This is a great place to ask tough questions, find answers, and grow in faith.  Leave each week feeling balanced and ready for the busy week ahead.  This Sunday we will be meeting in BKLYN around the fireplace at the Sheep Station (149 4th Ave.) restaurant near the Atlantic Terminal from 6:00-8:00pm.

This week's topic will be "Overview of the Bible: God's Master Plan for History."  Let's face it, the Bible is a thick book that's hard to handle.  Wouldn't it be great to develop an overview of its storyline to help us understand (1) what God has done in the past, (2) what the major themes of the Bible are, and (3) what God has planned for the future of humanity and planet earth?  Well, this is what we are out to accomplish this week. 

You will leave with a solid understanding of the general storyline of the Bible, and you'll be better equipped to read it for yourself.  As the world's most printed and most influential book, the Bible is certainly not a bad book to familiarize yourself with.  Bring your brain, a pen and notebook, and the will to engage.

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