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Beauty Supply Store at St John's and Nostrand

When I walked past the Crown Heights Beauty Supply Store at St Johns and Nostrand today, it was emptied of supplies and the shelves were totally bare. Looked like the store had either been ransacked and robbed or that it is going out of business.


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    For accuracy, that is the Crown Hights (sic) Beauty Supply

    767 Nostrand, 769 Nostrand, 771 Nostrand, 773 Nostrand,
    775 Nostrand Avenue,
    Crown Heights

    It is at the corner of Lincoln and Nostrand, not St. Johns and Nostrand

    I suspect we will see a For Lease sign on it soon.image
  • If it goes up for lease, and it is not filled by another beauty supply store/nail salon/99 cent store/cruddy corner store, this block of nostrand could go down in history as the fatest gentrified block ever (see colina Cuervo, two saints, deck).
  • And it is a fantastic space/location. Maybe a fancy wine shop will come!
  • According to a business owner on the block, this will be another coffee shop. I heard this in the middle of January.
  • Oh wow. Can that stretch support FOUR coffee shops, with Lula Bagel in the mix as well?
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    I've never met @laura palmer but I imagine her poised to update her Nostrand 2015 map as soon as a tenant is confirmed

  • haha you may have never met me, but you already know me too well @whynot_31
  • ANOTHER coffee shop!?!?? *sigh*
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    If I were opening a business on Nostrand, I would think long and hard about the residents of New York Avenue.

    Unlike many of the surrounding streets, NY Avenue has big apartment buildings, as opposed to row houses. Very few of the buildings have commercial spaces, so the residents are likely to consider spending money on Nostrand.

    I think an upscale boutique clothing store, catering to the area's significant population of women age 30 - 50 could do well here.

    Awedacity on Washington Avenue did well for several years. Nostrand seems to be now an even larger market than Washington was.
  • Some changes today. The security grills have been painted black and the windows have brown paper on the inside. Progress, perhaps?image
  • love your photo crownheightster!
  • I saw the gate up yesterday, but did not go in. Something is happening!
  • Back in the stone age, (the 60's), you could buy anything of quality that you might have go to a mall to purchase today. Nostrand avenue was a premier place for family shopping.

    That started to die shortly after the riots of the 60's, during the Mayor Lindsay administration.

    The NYPD shooting into the Black Panther headquarters on the western side of Nostrand Avenue between St. Johns and Sterling Places didn't help either.

    And yes, that beauty shop is on the NE corner of Lincoln Place and Nostrand Avenue.
  • Tonight, I spoke with a contractor leaving Crown Hights Beauty Supply he told me it was going to become a waxing place.

    "You know, like Brazilian Waxing for women"

    It should open in a few weeks.
  • I hope it is an upscale waxing place. And that maybe they will do spa pedicures.
  • I did not feel comfortable asking him such details.
  • @crownheightster - in the mean time, I highly recommend the spa pedicures at bling bling nails on nostrand. While the ambiance isn't, exactly, soothing, for $28 you get the full luxury treatment - massage chairs, a warm foaming foot bath, an exfoliating massage, a lotion. I left with my feet looking as smooth as a baby's and four weeks later the nail polish is still perfectly intact. 

  • Are there existing places in Crown Heights to get Brazilian wax treatments?

    How popular do we believe waxing is?
  • Are there existing places in Crown Heights to get Brazilian wax treatments?

    How popular do we believe waxing is?
    I used to go to that place on Franklin - Posh?  Was that it? - but it is closed.  A waxing place would do eyebrows, legs, etc as well - it's a maintenance thing, like a hair cut - not a once and done thing.  So if they get some customers and please them, they'll keep them.

    It's very popular.
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    I do not believe I have ever dated a woman who waxed.

    My sample size is around 15.
  • I've dated a few women who have waxed and it's my understanding that the majority of women now by waxing kits from Walgreens or Duane Reade instead of going to a waxing store.
  • Laser treatments are the way to go. A spa would be nice.
  • Appears to have opened a while ago

  • I have actually not seen this store in regular operation.
  • Me either.   ...but I did look thru the window and see a customer getting her hair done this weekend., the hair on her head.

  • I walked by this place this morning. The gate was open and it looked like they've done some demolition on the interior. I'm not sure if that means they've closed or are just renovating. Their yelp account appears to be active but it looks like they only have a 1 star rating. Yikes.
  • This would be such a great location for a restaurant.
  • This has now reopened as a hair salon/women's clothing store called Suite V Brooklyn. I believe the owner, Vanessa, used to work at Deck Salon before it was shuttered.
  • This is a good looking storefront, let's see how long this clothing boutique- hair salon lasts.
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