Dirt bikes are back, spring is here — Brooklynian

Dirt bikes are back, spring is here

Seen Tuning up the unlicensed uninsured noise machines at 705 St Marks


  • Yep it's that time again. I wonder if their going to ride down the sidewalks on Nostrand again this year.
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    I was in Philadelphia this weekend and can report several sightings there as well.
  • Humbug. Grumble. Grumble.
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    This weekend, my sightings were mostly quads. I imagine they are a lot of fun to ride around all of the vacant lots that now compose much of the Badlands.


    They certainly appeared to be having a great time on Baltimore Avenue.
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    Did anyone else notice the 22 dirt bikes and ATV s ripping down Nostrand then turning up Sterling the wrong way yesterday about 6pm
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    Was Kyra there? I have worried about her since I saw her on an ATV in this video


    (note: language is not appropriate for most workplaces)
  • In every other way it was the same scene. Look exciting? She likes the danger, no wait... or is it the camera?
  • The comment section is really what makes the video. Clearly, lots of viewers would like to be with her.

    I suspect our local ATV-Dirtbike MOB has a Kyla, and she is equally popular, I'll try to get a picture of her sometime this summer. She seems to like being photographed.
  • Waiting for your chick photo whynot. Meanwhile The group now dons a uniform of German style helmets and consistently rides in pack of 15-20 bikes. Sound like a gang?
  • Most of them are more accurately described as meet ups, or "MOBs". See my post on March 27th.

    You just need to get in touch with the organizer. He might be able to rent you an ATV for the day, as part of the adventure.

    Bring $.
  • The ATVs and Mopeds are out with a vengeance today. 
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    I wonder what the going rental rate for a MOB ATV is.

    Together with an after-ride BBQ, it sounds like a really fun (albeit dangerous and illegal) way to spend a Saturday.

    (note, bad words in video.   Video should not be watched by people who do not like bad words)

  • The best part about riding an unregistered bike is if you are in an accident and can still run you can disown the scene.
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    You might be able to get in the MOB support/video vehicle.

    In these videos, it seems to be a car.

  • I enjoy this video of Nicki Minaj looking uncomfortable riding dirtbikes in Queens:
    She's forcing a smile while thinking 'I have way too much money to be pretending to be into this.'
  • For some reason, I find Kyla more attractive.
  • Woken up this morning by dirt bikers. Argh.
  • Wow, morning dirt bikers?  Were they still up from the night before?
  • Maybe. Racing up NY Ave. Around 7:30?
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    For the fun of it, I just asked my coworkers if any of them rode a dirt bike into work this morning. They responded "no".

    So, I am sorry you lost sleep, but we are not to blame @crownheightster.
  • I am having fun imagining a bunch of @whynots's riding dirt bikes into the office. What swagger! 
  • It's just amazing to me the NYPD doesn't do more to shut these down.  They have very little to do with enjoying dirtbikes and almost everything to do with harassing and threatening people.
  • The NYPD has a "no chase" policy when it comes to dirt bikes and ATVs.

    Instead, they confiscate them when they fill up for gas or are being taken out of the various storage units and garages where they reside.

    They confiscate so many of them that you can literally see hundreds of them at the Red Hook Impound Lot from the air.

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    I am having fun imagining a bunch of @whynots's riding dirt bikes into the office. What swagger! 
    We will do anything for Kyra.

  • over the weekend I watched a group of 17 teenagers on bicycles filling up a lane  on Atlantic Ave dong wheelies while following 2 older 20 somethings (maybe Whynot_31 and miss Whynot) doing wheelies on dirt bikes.  Ahh so sweet to see the next generation is finding their role models.
  • Ms. Whynot and I are in our mid 40s.

    ....they we not following us.
  • I love this thread for the pithy and witty humor. Were any of you English majors?
  • I think we all have jobs; it is doubtful we were English majors.
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    I was an English major, but I have not previiously contributed to this thread.
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    Did you misspell "previiously" to emphasize the rigor of your program?
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    No, not I. However I can almost imagine reading Oscar Wilde in a sidecar touring Crown Heights. The sense of real danger is intoxicating for young developing minds..'Brooklyn Dodgers' takes on a new contemporary meaning.
  • Just make sure that the one of your ATV riding friends doesn't get caught by the NYPD, and rat you out.

    If they do, the police might get a warrant and seize your heroin (Oscar Wilde), your intellectualism (handguns), and your toys (ATVs and dirtbikes).

  • Those celebrated bikes are probably sought after and back in service here in CH right after the auction. Provenance is everything.
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    Round and round.

    I am not certain that NYC still auctions off the ATV's and dirt bikes in large lots to the highest bidder.   I will watch this link to see if any appear:   http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/2425/seized-vehicle-auction.

    My quick search did find this article from Philadelphia re: passing a law that seized ATVs and Dirt Bikes be destroyed, rather than auctioned:   http://articles.philly.com/2013-04-05/news/38281310_1_dirt-bikes-new-policy-off-road-vehicle.   

    Philly seems to be performing above the 60 IQ level.   

    However, do not fear, many municipalities are still auctioning them off:   http://car-auction.com-cars.com/Seized_Dirt-Bikes.htm

    Regardless of the details, the bikes will then make their way to places where demand is $trong.  

    Some under paid journalist should do a little investigative work to see which side of the 60 IQ line NYC government presently resides.

    In terms of my own IQ, I merely have reliable information re: the end user part of the market:
    a.   Someone amasses about twenty ATVs and dirt bikes

    b.   They advertise throughout twitter, facebook and elsewhere that they are available for rent this Saturday or Sunday as part of a MOB (see March 27th link above).

    c.   The group meets at the place the bikes are stored.

    d.   They ride thru the neighborhood and the police are under orders not to chase them: 

    It just goes round and round.   And, to correctly honor my adolescence, I believe this would be the appropriate song for me as I rode around:

  • I look forward to seeing more outcomes like the motorcyclist under the range rover last year.  LOTS MORE.
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    Regardless of whether you should be looking forward to such outcomes, I dare say they are a certainly!

    Personally, I can only imagine how awesome it must be to be the leader of such a MOB.   Let's think about the benefits:

    1.   Kyra

    2.   Fame throughout your social circle, regardless of whether they ever attend a MOB

    3.   The ability to choose the fastest machine for the day.

    4.   The ability to quickly pay off however much the ATV's cost.  

    5.    The ability to extend your social network to people who may enjoy or supply heroin or some other substance (see above)  
  • This article seems to imply that the NYPD's ban on chasing motorcycles extends to non dirt bikes.

  • I was bicycling home over the Manhattan Bridge yesterday, I observed about 20-30 NYPD from the Strategic Response Group lurking on the Manhattan side watching for something coming off the bridge onto Chrystie Street.  They were equipped with many plastic handcuffs.

    They didn't seem to be interested in bicyclists, at least not ones in the bridge's bike lane.  I was wondering whether they may be experimenting with new motorcycle countermeasures.
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    Yesterday was the 4th Anniversary the beginning of Occupy Wall Street, and a few diehards tried to rally the faithful by blocking traffic and whatnot.

    From what I understand, the police outnumbered the activists, and no traffic was impeded.

    So, I think that is what you were seeing.
  • Do speed bumps deter wheelies? i know low hanging branches do as do ropes stretched across gullies. Maybe a speed bump on my block will keep them away from here.
  • As dirt bike season comes to a close, I think I saw fewer this year than in prior years.

    I wonder if the same can be said on the avenues further east:  Hegeman, Blake, Sutter, Liberty Ave.
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    As dirt bike season comes to a close, I think I saw fewer this year than in prior years.

    I wonder
    I'm Disagreeing, as my block was on thier 'path' for doing wheelies without fear of traffic. Or perhaps they wish to impress thier friends living nearby. There were just as many bike fools endangering others lives as in any year. In fact they road on the sidewalks more often here on Park Place.
  • Where on Park Place? I didn't see terribly many over by Washington.

    I would guess a speed hump wouldn't deter wheelies much— they're very easy to cruise over at full speed on a bicycle, especially if you stand up off your seat. I would guess the same thing is true on a motorcycle.
  • This weekend, my sightings were mostly quads. I imagine they are a lot of fun to ride around all of the vacant lots that now compose much of the Badlands.


    They certainly appeared to be having a great time on Baltimore Avenue.

    Dirt Bikes will be prominently featured in the next version of Rocky.


    ...they have become a routine part of summer for many east coast US cities.

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    Happy Spring.

     Cop in trouble for pointing gun at a ATV rider in The Bronx.


  • nice find @whynot_31 . I wonder what why the cop instead of a gun just didn't have a camera in hand aimed on the biker to use later to arrest the dude for his reckless riding
  • Because there's nothing to identify the bike.  They dont ride with license plates, registration, and proof of insurance.   And because they present a real and emminent threat to people around them, I'd say drawing your gun to stop them is fine by me.  
  • I suspect this cop's actions will not be ok with those that run the NYPD.

    Personally, I think a reward for information on where the ATVs and Dirt bikes are stored would go a long way.

    ...detectives could also learn their locations by registering for the Mob events (which rent out the vehicles for a day of fun).

    The NYPD isn't real smart, but this group of folks seem like they are even less so...
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    I saw a father and son riding their miniature dirt bike on Prospect Park loop today. Spring will be here soon. 
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    The NYPD will soon crush all of the dirt bikes it has seized and televise it:


    In the first quarter of the year, the NYPD has seized 312 of the illegal rides – more than double the amount confiscated in the same period last year.

    Just in the last two weeks, the NYPD took 65 of the vehicles of street and arrested 12 operators for driving recklessly.

    The uptick is seizures come amid a citywide crackdown – where police are looking to catch the criminals while they’re gassing up at stations, rallying around parks or on deserted streets.

    “I’d like to remove as many of these from the streets early on this year before the warm weather gets here,” said according to Chief of Patrol Carlos Gomez.

    The NYPD will look at social media to spot when rallies occur and respond to 311 and 911 calls about reckless dirt bike and ATV driving in the streets, according to Gomez.

    “We apprehend when it’s safe to do so,” Gomez said, adding that he has a “no-chase policy” because of safety concerns.

    “We do not want to chase these individuals through the streets,” the chief said. “I believe that causes a greater danger to motorists, pedestrians and [riders].”


  • This sounds like a great show; I am looking forward to the series. But as for our Precinct, I called in 911 wheelie on the sidewalk and happened to see the responding officer merely speak with the dirtbike boy, then the officer drove off without taking the bike. the very next day the defiant boy was back on the sidewalk riding his motorcycle!
    Also, what to be done with these electric Nostrand Ave delivery boys riding on the  sidewalk as if they expect everyone to step aside? Lets crush a couple of their bikes too right in front of the corresponding takeout..
  • Look out lady! They just got another takeout order at Hing Hung!
  • I am pleased that the NYPD realizes that MOB members are recruited via online media.  

    A while ago, a reliable source informed me the going rate is $100 for the day.   Will these rates go up if the NYPD's efforts are successful?

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    whynot_31 said:
    This weekend, my sightings were mostly quads. I imagine they are a lot of fun to ride around all of the vacant lots that now compose much of the Badlands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Badlands They certainly appeared to be having a great time on Baltimore Avenue.

  • Readers may want to note the absence of electric bike delivery guys in Kensington.  I also suspect that the rate to be part of an ATV - dirt bike pack is much lower.

    However, I do not advise anyone move there.

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    whynot_31 said:

    Readers may want to note the absence of electric bike delivery guys in Kensington.  I also suspect that the rate to be part of an ATV - dirt bike pack is much lower.

    However, I do not advise anyone move there.

    Really? There as been a bunch of press coverage about the housing development Oxford Mills, which is geared toward teachers. It's in Kensington, a block from the El tracks.


    The newly renovated space and amenities sound great, but my friends who are Philly natives are like, "Hell, no, you don't want to live there!"
  • I might live in such a building if it had good security.  ...I do not want to be have to be the one who shoos drug addicts and homeless people from the interior stairwells.

    Brooklyn's dirt bike and heroin problem is small in comparison. 

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    That clip on Kensington looks like 5th Ave in Park Slope about 1997-2003. And small or not @whynot_31 dirt bikes, heroin, homelessness are not far removed from one another.
  • I have no problem believing that the comparatively older heroin addicts indirectly fund the dirt bike habits of their comparatively younger dealers.

  • Big police roundup of all-terrain, off road bikes, etc. and they are gonna crush them for scrap - no police auction. heard it on the news last night.

  • Because the NYPD was wise to confiscated ATV and dirt bikes ending up back on the street after auctions, I believe they have been merely storing them for the past few years.

    ...which should make the crushing show be massive.
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    Put the riders on the bikes as they crush them, and make it a pay-per-view show to fund the efforts.
  • This event apparently happened Easter weekend:  


  • I think this soundtrack is perfect for the crushing machine @whynot_31

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    I'm betting the event will be held at the Red Hook tow pound.    There are hundreds of dirt bikes and ATVs there.


    ...bringing in a good sound system should be pretty easy.

  • The 71st PCT confiscated 4 dirt bikes on Empire yesterday



  • I think I know that red one   &;^P
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    I like the blue one they got over the weekend.


  • Is the police strategy working?  I didn't see or hear the dirt bikes on Eastern Pkwy over the weekend.  Maybe I was just lucky and wasn't around when they were out...
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    Cannot wait to see the NYPD crush that beauty and hear the tears from the wheelie scuff laws. and see these spring things bloom.  My children can walk the sidewalks again...oh wait there arn't any delivery bikes here. gotta watch out just a little less.
  • I did see any all weekend @tsquared
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    If the NYPD is successful, it may be only a matter of time before there are dozens of people on Citibikes doing wheelies on my block.  

  • Saw/heard them all over the neighborhood yesterday (both north and south of Empire)
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    Yes, I suspect there are literally hundreds of dirt bikes and ATVs in Brooklyn.

    The NYPDs crackdown may increase the risks of the owner losing the bike(s), but if he doesn't rent them out that investment is also lost (not performing).

    I don't foresee many of our local MOB operators deciding to sell their fleet to people interested in riding them on private land upstate.

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    The NYPD does its show for the cameras this week...


    The city's top cop is going medieval on the summertime scourge of “screwballs” driving reckless, high-speed motor bikes on the streets.

    Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Sunday some 500 two-wheeled motorcycles, dirt bikes and four-wheeled ATVs seized by the police this year will be publicly destroyed sometime in the next week.

    He went on to tee off on the folks who speed down crowded city streets in irritating flocks of the often-unmuffled machines.

    The summertime ritual often snarls or stops traffic and sometimes results in accidents. At least two ATV riders have been killed in the past two years.

    "These screwballs all basically run around in packs making idiots of themselves, and endangering themselves and the public," Bratton fumed to supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis on AM970’s “The Cats Roundtable.”

    "In the next week or so, we will have a very public display of destroying all of those bikes so they can never be used again. These people are morons. They're idiots."

    Bratton noted he knows that citizens complain that the police don't take action against the bikes. Dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal in the city.

    "We have in fact been doing something," he insisted. "We're going to make an example of them and destroy them and we'll really have a good time doing that.”

    Residents of one Manhattan neighbor where mobs of riders often buzz busy avenues say the sooner police get them off the streets, the better.

    "Sometimes I can hear them when I'm home. Usually it's in the morning on weekends - when you're sleeping," said Finn Taff, 27, who lives near W. 116th St. and Morningside Park in Harlem.

    "I'm all for...do it, have fun and destroy stuff, whatever, If it's making a point, it's good."

    A neighbor, Umberto Picado, 68, said, "Good. All of them ... destroy them."

    But others say the riders aren’t doing any harm.

    "I actually like the ATVs driving around. It just adds a little fun," said Eric Gadson, 20, a student.

    The crackdown officially began in early April, though by then the NYPD had already seized 312 bikes this year.

    Drivers “haven’t gotten the message yet,” Bratton said at the time, foreshadowing his intention to destroy the machines. “They’re not going to be happy when we take these damn things and crush them so they can’t be used.”

    In July 2014 cops arrested ATV rider George Evangelista, 44, for intentionally hitting a police officer with his bike. The officer suffered neck and back injuries.

    In March 2015 Kenneth Proveaux, 49, was killed when he crashed his ATV in a Brooklyn park and vaulted head first into a concrete barrier. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

    In March 2014 Paul Rodriguez, 35, was killed and a second man was injured, when Rodriguez’s ATV collided with another ATV driver. 


  • Some idiots will feel the pain with this and modify their behavior.
    I did see a cute father son bonding in Brower park apart of the the crowd watching the insane soccer games going on in this petite park.     The father was on a dirt bike in the grass and the boy age 6-7 was on a tiny mini bike and they were practicing spinouts n the grass. So Sweet.
  • The dirt bikes and ATV are already taken from the riders and not returned, so I don't perceive this upcoming crushing performance as being "for them".

    So, I perceive this this show as being for us.  

    ...the NYPD is trying to state that they are addressing the problem, and that they are in charge.

    It may allow them to take a more aggressive stance as the summer goes on.

  • @whynot_31 if these were not crushed the bikers could find a way to buy them back at auction with thier honor unblemished. However this is "for them" and us because they lose everything they invested in permanently. It has got to get old for them to see thier efforts in a machine go to scrap. Like a medieval Knight losing his horse.
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    For several years, the NYPD has not sold the confiscated bikes at auction.   They have instead just piled them in Red Hook because they figured out they would just be ridden on the streets again.

    Also, as discussed above, most of the riders do not own the bike:   They rent them for the day.

    So, I don't think we should think about individual knights on horses.

    ...instead, we should think about guys who want to be kings, and whose status comes from being able to hook up lesser guys with a great time, all while having Kyra's boobs pressed against their back.

    Note the readers: The video featuring Kyra appears to no longer be online. My apologies.
  • So where/when can we watch the show?
  • Mr Bratton wasn't specific.

    ...but I'm predicting it will be held at Red Hook, at 6:15 PM so it can be televised live during the evening news.

  • gotcha your point @whynot_31. didn't know they used rentals too
  • A few years ago, I spoke with an adolescent who occasionally participated in dirt bike MOBs. He stated the going rate was $200 for the day, which included an after party.

    He wasn't on a "positive path" to adulthood.
  • No word on when the crushing event will be held, but they are using helicopters and ground units to "box them in" in The Bronx.



    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Illegal motorcycles, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles came into the crosshairs for the NYPD Sunday evening.

    As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported, there were a few dozen owners with empty space in their garages after the crackdown.

    We see them every summer – rogue motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV riders terrorizing neighborhoods. But at the 44th Precinct on 169th Street in the Bronx, many were taken out of commission.

    Patrol confiscated eight motorcycles – including Yamahas, Hondas and other vehicles. So far, the unit has gotten more than 40 illegal bikes off the street – some of them stolen or unregistered with no plates or insurance.

    The bikes will be crushed in a public event to send a message. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced the plan for the event last month, calling the dirt bikers “knuckleheads” and “clowns.”

    “These bikes that are so near and dear to them – they’re not going to be too happy when we take those damn things and crush them so that they can’t be used,” Bratton said last month.

    Two bikers were also arrested and charged with reckless endangerment Sunday, after they were allegedly caught speeding through the streets of the Bronx.

    “We see these motorcycles, these ATVs being operated in a reckless manner, endangering pedestrians, and intimidating other motorists on the roadway,” said NYPD Lt. Brian Mullen. “They disregard traffic signals they don’t have any control at intersections. They’ll ride on sidewalks.”

    The NYPD is using a helicopter to spot the outlaw bikers and direct units on the ground, so as to cut off or box in the motorcycles without using dangerous high-speed chases.
  • Anyone know if the new child size motorcycles I saw this weekend ripping up the sidewalk on  Park Place are illegal too? Do we need to crush these too? these are less than 4 feet long! Mindless parenting
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    Those are known as minibikes or pocket bikes.    ...and, no, they aren't legal on the road or the sidewalk.

    However, my sense is that (unlike dirt birds and ATVs) they rarely leave the confines of the immediate area in which their riders live.

    So, there is little pressure from the public to get rid of them.

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    whynot_31 said:


    If the NYPD is successful, it may be only a matter of time before there are dozens of people on Citibikes doing wheelies on my block.  

    I am entirely in favor of bicycle wheelies at all times.

    And I'm getting awful tempted to get a Citibike membership again. If only they were in the neighborhood already. Stupid CB6 is getting them first.
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    Just saw the video on Facebook. Not exactly "public", unless they're counting on social media after the fact. Probably didn't want a ground "war" to break out.
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    Bratton waving of the flag and then inspecting the crushed bikes was as good as NYPD theater gets.

    ...I suspect the Department of Sanitation actually drove the bulldozers and had a hard time keeping a straight face.

  • I would have enjoyed watching this for much longer. The dozers could have flattened them even more then poured asphalt over the pile.
  • A few of the media accounts stated they only crushed 70 vehicles.

    ...above, they promised us 500.

    "Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Sunday some 500 two-wheeled motorcycles, dirt bikes and four-wheeled ATVs seized by the police this year will be publicly destroyed sometime in the next week."

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    The other 430 probably went home with police officers.
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    The Post is stating 679 vehicles have been confiscated so far this year, and 69 dirt bikes and 8 ATVs were crushed yesterday.


    So, that would leave 602 (679 - 69 - 8) for police officers or future crushing sessions.

  • I hope they are not looking at these bikes as a
     revenue source through sales again.
  • In the past, I believe they had no other way to dispose of them other than auction them, and then only recently got the authority to crush them.

    ...several municipalities face similar rules.

    Atlanta faces a similar rule regarding guns it confiscates.   http://politics.blog.ajc.com/2015/11/07/atlanta-sits-on-6000-confiscated-guns-and-wont-sell-them/

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    It seems the NYPD is becoming a little more clever in providing content for "journalists".

    In additional to staging a dirt bike crushing, they now film themselves making drug busts and write up stories on NYPD news, which (lazy?   underpaid?   Time conscious?) "journalists" can utilize and the public can spread throughout the web:


  • Dirt biker on Staten Island hits pickup truck while being followed by police:


    Not "chased"?
  • "one of the suspects was left fighting for his life."

    oh that's just sad.

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