Hello all. Longo's Bar on 21st street between 4, and 5th ave. — Brooklynian

Hello all. Longo's Bar on 21st street between 4, and 5th ave.

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The feast, St John's baseball, and swimming team. Richy Muccatello, Pee Wee Giants football team. 
This is just a start. My older brothers are Joey, and Richie Longo
Thanks   Artie Longo


  • We lived on the corner of 20th street, and 6th ave. Across the street was 3 Star Bar, and
    across 20th street was the pool room. On the outside of the pool room was a vent that came
    Out of the basement, and after watching Superman on TV, and when he crushed the piece
    Of coal, and made the diamond, I went down stairs and buried a piece of coal. It must
    Be a diamond by now just waiting for me.

    Thanks Artie Longo
  • Hi. My uncle's owned the 3 Star Bar and my dad made the pizza there on weekends.
    When I was young they use to let me sit at the bar with my little 3 star bar shirt on.  I felt like a BIG girl.  Had a wonderful time back in the day.
  • Lets see if I got this right. Blacky bought the 3 Star Bar, and had a son Robert, who we also called Blacky. Next door was a cousin Sally. Next to Sally was Michael Cisco, who had two younger brothers, and across the street was Elliot Diez. Does this make any sense?
    Artie Longo
  • hi artie how are you doing this s bobby c,its been a while.we exchange christmas cards.remember p.s. 10,s playing stickball on our lunch hour.and buying lunch at colacimos for a quarter,you still in florida? how are you and the family,hope all is well with you and family.i,m still in queens ny.and doing well yes i remember the feast on 21 street,and the longo bar on 21street between 4 and 5th ave.and d,amicos bakery there ices in the summer.and yes me and mike cisco were friends to with elliot and mikey fox and the fox family.the pool room and 20 st and 6th.and everyone working in the lab on 21st and 6th ave.great memories.the park before they build is 88.ok artie great talking with you take care bobby c  rcosenza@nyc.rr.com  
  • Bobby
    Great to here from you. I remember going to the Avon theater with our mothers. Than we stopped at the pizzeria next door for pizza. Remember, you were the best handball player to lay down the "killer" at PS 10. Also ordering our lunch hero's at Callasino's deli across from the school. You would order the tuna for 35 cents, and I would order the American cheese, with mustard for .25 cents. Do you believe how big those sandwiches were for the price! I wrote your email down, and I for sure will email you. If ever in the Tampa area, 9lease look me up. Artie Rolex1@tampabay.rr.com
  • hi again artie wow remember all the memories.the old neigborhood has really changed since then.i visited my dad larry who lived on 16street and 8th ave.in the bishop boardmen apts until 2 yrs ago when my dad passed away.all the old movie houses the globe were you mom worked,the prospect and the avon,and the sanders ok artie take care hope you and family our ok.will keep in contact with each other. bobby c
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    hi artie hope you and family our doing well,its that time of year again christmas and the new year time does fly.will be sending out xmas cards again,to you artie and your family a very merry christmas and a happy healthy and safe new year.from bobby eileen steven sharon and my shih tzu{dog} nemo. take care bobby c and family 
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