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Looking for a studio

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and would first like to thank you for reading. :) I have lived in Boerum Hill for the last 8 years in a small studio apartment. My rent is increasing to $1600 which is much more than I can afford. Does anybody know of an affordable studio in a nice neighborhood? Do those exist anymore?

Thanks for your help!



  • You can find studios and one bedrooms in Crown Heights or Lefferts Gardens for $1200-1600 in those big, brick pre-war rent stabilized buildings if you look south of Eastern Parkway or north of EP east of Bedford Ave. I live in one and so do several of my friends who pay in that range.

    Check Street Easy.
  • Thanks so much. I like Lefferts gardens but lately nothing is popping up on street easy. Also since I haven't apt searched in a long time I have a hard time knowing which broker to go with. I wish I could find a place without one. Do you know any good brokers who don't charge an unreasonable amount? I went to this place in Sunnyside queens and the broker wanted 20%! That hurts the wallet!
    I haven't hung out in Crown Heights really. Not too familiar with it.
    Thanks for your help!
  • I used Lang, who take one month and have a lot of buildings in both CH and PLG. I just contacted them, told them what I was looking for and and they showed me a few places in one day. My friend just moved from Manhattan to CH and found a great, huge one bedroom for $1650 by Medgar Evers (with laundry in the building!). The broker was with Level Group I think and they took 12%. Another friend just moved two months ago and is paying $1500 I think for a one bedroom. Can't remember the broker. It's almost impossible without a broker these days. 20% is crazy though.

    Apartment searching in NYC is hell, so I'd recommend sticking to a general area and looking there. Try to make a few appointments in one day so you can compare and be prepared to make a quick decision. Places go in a snap.

    Good luck! :)

  • Thank you so so much for your help! I think I've seen stuff listed by Lang so I'll try to contact them and also look into the other broker you suggested. It has been hell and I don't know who to trust. I think I need to find one reliable broker & just stick with them.
    Thanks!!! :)
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