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Nike store opening on Thursday 5/28

2236 Nostrand Ave, close to Brooklyn College and a massive Target store. It will be apx 20k sq ft. 

I went by the location this weekend and it was a very large store for the area, but about half of it is accessible, the other half likely for inventory. They do have the option to expand to the upstairs portion of the building which would give them another 20k sq ft, and I guess they will if this proves to be a money making operation for them. 

I talked to one of the guards he seemed excited about it, he thought the location was a little strange 'on the backside of the junction'. But retail space that large and that close to transit isn't easy to find inexpensively. He also mentioned armed guards will be used for the opening of the store and he said all of those shoe stores nearby on flatbush would need to 'start selling pumas or something.' Which leads me to believe they will be maxing out the sneaker section of the store. 

Anyone else checked it out?


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    I haven't gotten a chance to get down there, but I hope to check it out some point soon. Not that much of a Nike fan, but I definitely want to check out the space for myself.
  • i haven't yet! but i did notice the ads for this on the subway 2/5 stops. I was surprised to find out it was, actually, in the butt end of the junction. Especially since that makes it practically Midwood (and all the ads are emblazoned with "FLATBUSH" which grabbed my attention). what gives?

    i would have thought there was an available space in the prime Junction area, or possibly on Flatbush ave around Kings Theatre. hmm. 

    when you google street view the place, it sorta looks like a giant industrial type of space, which is what i'm guessing they were looking for?
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