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I actually heard a tough guy say " they should bring stop and frisk back". I actually agreed with him. I think some areas need it so the cowboys may leave their weapons at home. That uncertainty of being stopped helps....


  • I guess some people think the old wild west attitude is just fine.
  • Didn't we all ready have another thread on this?
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    First it was Occupy Wall Street that said President Obama was needlessly expanding government, especially in favor of the wealthy.

    Then it was the Tea Party who said he was needlessly expanding government in favor of the poor.

    Then certain right wing critics said he needed to expand government interventionism overseas, especially in Syria to stop ISIS.

    Now some more government expansionism and intrusionism into people's lives by having police harass people through this stop-and-frisk nonsense.

    Folks, you need to make up your minds about it all.

    Do you want more or less government ???
  • I wonder what those white supremacists in Oregon would be doing if the government police stopped and frisked each of them.  You know, the  ones who say we need less government, more guns, and all will be well if this was so.

  • If the police and the government is so interested in stopping the proliferation of drugs, they should go into the suburbs where they will find FAR more drugs than in the ghettos.  This means they will have to stop and frisk white women and possibly go so far as to strip search them.  Of course, if police treated white women like they treat black men it would mean the start of a new revolution or civil war.  So that is not likely to happen. 
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