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Help me find a home for this sweet cat

I live on Dean Street near Utica, and there are a lot of feral cats nearby.  Some people put out food, but the cats are not interested in human contact at all.  Except for one. 

This guy wanted nothing more than some loving attention and some food.  He started sitting on my stoop, looking so skinny and tired that I couldn't help but feed him.  He showed up at my door yesterday limping, and followed me inside my apartment.  I easily got him into a carrier, and took him to Animal Kind in Park Slope.  

He was friendly with the vets, and they think he was probably once a pet and is very adoptable but unfortunately he has FIV.  He is otherwise healthy.

He is being neutered, vaccinated and cleaned up today, and the ASPCA is helping me look for a shelter or foster space for him, but unfortunately during kitten season it isn't going to be easy.

My husband is very allergic and has given me a week to foster.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested please get in touch, and please share.

I'll have cuter and cleaner photos to share tomorrow.



  • vivviv
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  • the scruffier they are, the harder they fall in your lap and give themselves over to absolute loving!
  • Viv is fostering until September!  Thanks everyone who helped get the word out!
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