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Dreamweaving on the Water in Greenpoint

Freeheart Project is hosting a Dreamweaving Workshop at Transmitter Park in Greenpoint on Sunday, June 28th from 2 - 4 pm Join us for a 
super chill and inspiring craft hangout on the water. For deets email info@freeheartproject.com and for tickets visit http://www.freeheartproject.com/consulting-services/sacred-smudge-sticksdream-weaving-workshops

**About Dreamweaving: Native American culture believes the dream catcher absorbs your dreams, channeling positive dreams down to the person below, while negative dreams expire when struck by the sun. This class will teach you about sacred traditions and guide your creation of you very own dream catcher. Workshops are led by Ashley Glynn, an artist and creative spirit who is inspired by her deep connection to the natural world, Native American heritage, and mysticism.  

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