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Enlightened graffiti?

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I spotted this at the NW corner of Atlantic Avenue and Washington Avenue on a Sunday afternoon. I wonder why these people thought this was an appropriate way to get message of veganism across.



  • Because of art school.
  • I feel pretty confident in blaming vegan hipsters here.
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    I don't tell the police how to look for suspects.

    But they might want to check the the list of people who either have an affiliation with, or aspire to have an affiliation with:
    New School and/or
    School of Visual Arts.
  • Pratt's awful close.
  • This is the former site of Mohammed's Tire Mecca, by the way, my favorite sacreligiously-named tire emporium.
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    The former tenant of 863 Atlantic Avenue:   Mohammed's Tire Mecca.  

    Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 9.46.11 PM
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