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Roses Bar & Grill in former Marcos

Appears no one has mentioned that a new eatery/drinkery has opened in the former Marcos space.

Roses Bar & Grill is a new venture by the same owners, who also own Franny's as I guess everyone knows.  Been open about a month now.

Wife and I both had burgers last week.  Pretty flavorful, but a tad small and pricey for this type of place: $14 with fries or a different side. $15 with cheese. Draft beer prices OK.  And interesting selection, I thought.  Limited menu, but just enough.  I like the range and prices at Woodwork better.  But Roses is closer, so I think I'll be back.  Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Roses Barr & Grill


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    Well, wasn't aware of that when I created the username in May 2014.  And not sure what's to be done about it now.  I'm probably leaving Brooklyn just over a year from now, so I'll go from mostly inactive to gone.

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    Curious that it's been nearly a month and no comment on Rose's.  Are people not going there?
  • Sorry about the name thing and I do hope you keep participating! :)

    Rosie's has received lots of good press for their burger, I know a few friends who have made return visits. Still haven't had a chance to personally check them out though.
  • I haven't been back.  Maybe tonight.

    Waiting on name change.
  • I ate there a week ago. Really excellent burger. Small but perfect -- I rarely allow myself a burger so I'm always pleased to find one that isn't huge. Meat was hot and flavorful; fries crispy and delicious. I also had an excellent cocktail. Lots of other, quirkier items on the menu -- like marinated veggies and a mushroom/lettuce/tomato sandwich (MLT). I'll go again soon. BTW, they are closed for vacation from 8/15-25.
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