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Northeast Bed-Stuy / Your hotspots

I caught an old discussion from 2007, with folks who'd recently moved to the neighborhood exchanging suggestions and asking about spots to go for coffee or drinks.

To fast forward to summer of 2015, let me ask:

What are your favorite coffeeshops and drink spots in the area?

What, if anything have you seen change in the last few years in the neighborhood?

I'm finding myself at Bizarre and Skytown near the Broadway/Myrtle stop, and I'm seeing a whole lotta in-progress condo/rental buildings popping up all over, such as on Willoughby and especially on Broadway itself.


  • There are two possibilities here:

    a)  There is nowhere anyone would recommend around the Broadway/ Myrtle area.

    b)  There is no one from that area who frequents this board.  

    Will I need to do some of my own reporting?  If so, will anyone be around to read it?

    These are the types of philosophical questions unique to blogs.
  • What streets make the borders of north bedstuy? Flushing and Broadway?
  • i definitely like reading about bed-stuy and the J/M/Z areas of bushwick. it's a nice break from the crown heights stuff. 

    me, i would have considered that area bushwick...but i have a co-worker who's like 50 and grew up in brooklyn and he considers bed stuy to extend to like, central ave or something. if i were to poll native old timers, i think i would get a collective response that bed-stuy used to be like twice the size it is now
  • Well technically it's bordered by Flushing to the north, Broadway to the east...    The telltale sign that the neighborhoods diverge are the skewed grids of the sttreets as they meet Broadway.   When you're new to the neighborhood, you get confused walking down one diagonal to head back on a 45 degree angle around to where you missed a shortcut. 

    I can't tell what's happening.  On the one hand, you have a lot of delis, many with shady characters hanging around, hair salons that've been there forever, and then a section with hardware and appliance stores (two blocks south of the JMZ).  You have the Woodhull Hospital section and projects, and you have the new condos just a block east of Broadway in Bushwick (especially on Willoughby).  

    When you speak to people in establishments like bars, you get a lot of people who work in service industry stuff, with the occasional professionals (IT, fashion, etc.)  

    You also have a barrage of music venues that closed in the last year or two.  You have a bunch of places opening in the Bushwick area.  

    I think commercial rents have gone up quite a bit driving people out, and residential rents are going in that direction.  

    It hasn't quite reached that 'coffeeshop and stroller' culture you now get barraged with in places like Crown Heights.
  • Bed-Stuy also contained north Crown Heights once:

    It appears that it used to be as much a metonym for 'Black Brooklyn' as a specific area of land.
  • i like that part of town, near the JMZ tracks. i don't really like the area around the hospital--but further south, to the immediate west and east of broadway, there are so many interesting buildings that aren't as uniform as the brownstones deeper west in bed stuy. and given the dirtiness of the JMZ i can't really picture that area ever becoming a stroller haven (they wouldn't want their babies living off a screeching train track). which is good news for artists and musicians. now that williamsburg is dead and "prime" bushwick is getting more corporate, the only shows i've been to recently have been on broadway or in the surrounding areas. they seem to shut down and reopen fairly frequently though. last one i went to was at Palisades i think. it wasn't awesome but then again i feel like those places never are that awesome, haha.

  • The JMZ line might as well be a different planet for me. I'm in central Bed-Stuy, sorta near the A at Utica or C at Throop. Lots of little things seem to be happening by me. But then again, Saraghina, Peaches, Beso & Therapy are all a stone's throw away, and have been opened for a bit.

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