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Important Alert: There is a huge increase in dog-napping occurring in our neighborhood and throughout the city.  

Dognapping is a growing and heartbreaking phenomenon in Brooklyn, and in this city overall.  Please do not EVER leave your dog outside unattended for even one minute.  Do not ever tie them up outside of stores, restaurants, or anywhere in public, for any reason, for any period of time   NOT even for one minute.  Please - it is not worth the risk to your dog. 

Please - if you need to do errands, just take the extra few minutes to bring your dog home first, no matter how quick you think you will be done, and no matter how much you think your dog enjoys accompanying you. 

The insane reality is that people are literally pulling up in cars alongside tied-up waiting pups and snatching them, and teens are literally walking up non-chalantly pretending to want to pet the tied-up dog, and then stealing the dogs in a matter of seconds from whatever they were tied to by quickly unclipping their collar from their leash-tie, or simply unclipping the collar itself, and running off with the dog.  And it is nearly impossible to find these stolen dogs ever again. Fact is that these stolen dogs are often horrifically used as bait-dogs in dog-fighting rings!! Horrible, but true, and dog-owners need to be informed of this rising trend.

Please - This is a terrible, but growing reality....Our dogs rely on us to protect them from harm and it is very simple to keep them safe.  Never leave them unattended and vulnerable to being stolen. Not for even one minute.  Never leave them unattended outside or in a car -- anywhere - ever - for any period of time. Its not worth losing your dog and putting its life in jeopardy. 

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO WITH FELLOW DOG-OWNERS, WALKERS, PET-SITTERS, NANNIES, ETC...Anyone who might walk your dog, needs to be informed of this growing reality.

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