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Bed stuy safety

Hate these questions and know they've been asked before, but am wondering about the safety of a certain part of bed Stuy, particularly the intersection of Madison st and Marcus Garvey where I'll be moving. I'm generally wondering about the walk home from the subway at night. Thanks in advance!


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    I hate those questions too but they're reasonable to ask.

    I live a few blocks north of there, and in my experience there are so many people coming back and forth during the standard commute times that the question is sort of moot. As long as you're as aware as you would be practically anywhere else in the city (people get mugged in Williamsburg, packages get stolen from stoops in Park Slope) you'll be fine.

    A few poitns purely my opinion and experience: it's neither 'safe' nor 'dangerous'. If anything, I keep a closer eye on teenagers than normal people. It's gets shady around Broadway and there are some desperate people there, and junkies (who generally don't bother anybody). The area is changing quickly and where you are there are families buying up 2 million dollar brownstones, and the mayor has flooded the area with cops (good).

    You'll be fine.
  • I live a block and a half away from you. You're near the playground at that corner? My kids play there. Not terrible. There is a lot of vagrancy coming from the mens' shelter housed in the armory between Jefferson & Putnam, but not often violent. In general, its pretty neighborly around here. My wife and I moved in about four years ago from Crown Heights and generally enjoy it. Made some good friends out of some of our neighbors. A bit of a walk to the subway, but not the end of the world.
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