Big gang bust on Linden — Brooklynian

Big gang bust on Linden

In one of the recent threads about crime, somebody mentioned that the FBI gets involved in some of the gun trafficking and narcotics cases. Well, they are involved in this one, Wednesday morning on Linden:

"Police said they believe the Crips subset is responsible for a recent uptick of shootings in the area; shootings with rivals who were trying to move in on their drug turf, Jones reported."


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    Yes, the Brooklyn DA is being quite skillful.

    He has welcomed the Feds and is willing to let them have the credit for such raids, an action that would result in public uprisings in many US states.

    This has decreased his/our reliance on the NYPD, which doesn't really like him because he has publicly stated his staff won't prosecute many low level marijuana and other crimes.

    He is showing that he is completely willing to work with anyone who will help him go after organized crime. He isn't "soft on crime".
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