A restaurant, Guayaco Food & Rollas, is coming to the former Lily and Fig bakery space on Franklin - Brooklynian

A restaurant, Guayaco Food & Rollas, is coming to the former Lily and Fig bakery space on Franklin

727 Franklin Avenue


Lily and Fig just closed about a month ago, and Guayao Food and Rollas wasted no time requesting its initial kitchen inspection: 
http://www.nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/restaurantlanding/3/Crown Heights/45049

Incorporated on June 19th:   http://legal-notice.org/llc-notice/ny/kings/2015/guayaco-food-rollas-llc

For those not aware, the term "Guayaco" is often associated with Ecuadoran food.     


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    Wow, that was fast!    They seem to have obtained that DOH kitchen inspection very quickly.

    This place opened yesterday, July 26th! 
  • Ms. Whynot and I had dinner here today.    This is his first restaurant here in the US.   He had one in Ecuador, then  immigrated here a few months ago.

    Did much of the work on the space on his own over the last month.  


    Food was yummy.    Might be more of a lunch place than a dinner one.
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    Got a few things from here.  Bolon, llapingacho, guayaco, cuban sandwich, and a quaker drink. The price is very reasonable, but overall we found it a bit bland.   The llapingacho and quaker were the only two things i found kind of enjoyable.  I hope he does well, he's a super duper nice guy and the atmosphere is simple and pleasant.  Maybe its just not my thing.  I can see it being a pre/post drinking place.

    edit:  on second thought, the above mentioned 2 items are things I would definitely stop by for a snack.  filling and refreshing.
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    The owner hopes to add beer and/or wine to his menu, which may increase his customer base.
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    Tonight, CB8's subcommittee supported the owner's request for a beer and wine lic

    The owner hopes to have live acts on occasion, but described them as being line with a cafe, not a nightclub. Low key. Small operation.

    There was some objections from the church next door, concerned about saturation and missing the prior bakery.

    The chair explained that saturation is not a valid reason to deny a permit.

    The owner explained he saw this permit as a necessary part of his business, given customer preferences.

    The subcommittee supported the application. He will close at 10 PM on worknights, and 11 PM on Fri and Sat.
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    Less than 6 months after opening, this restaurant is now for lease.

    • 1,100 SF
    • $4,200 /Month
    • Restaurant
    • Other
    • Yes. Sublease expires Jul 2020
    • Dec 2015
  • Friends report that it was closed this weekend.
  • Domo Taco next door doesn't seem much busier. I hope it hangs on.
  • Listing also states that this is a sublease so I'm wondering if he didn't have an "escape clause" that lets him leave without penalty. Also, he wants key money so I'm figuring he wants to sell whatever is in there. Sounds like it's going to cost whoever might want to move in quite a bit although it may be less expensive than starting from scratch.
  • So sad. Guayaco was great. I think perhaps the name did not help people to realize what kind of food was on offer.

    My sense is that Domo Taco has a robust delivery service that makes up for the lack of in-person presence.
  • I liked this place. I only went once, but had a very good experience. I regret not visiting them more. It was very sad seeing them empty at 7 PM on a Saturday. I agree that the name may have been a factor.
  • Domo Taco also opened with an alc lic, whereas Guayaco did not. ...once locals have a first impression of a restaurant, it is very hard to change it. The food was just a little outside of the comfort zone of the Franklin Avenue crowd, and it did not meet their definition of dinner. For many, darker atmosphere + alcohol = dinner.
  • If only drinking in the dark was the key to success in every industry!
  • That's how you MAKE A DEAL
  • I walked by last night and it was open as can be. Still not many people but lights were on, door was open, etc etc
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