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Moving to Clinton Hill

We'll be moving sometime later this year to Lefferts Place between Classon and Grand. I would love to hear from people who live over there about favorit things to do, places to go. Do people use the food coop there? Is the Section 8 housing on the corner of Grand problematic? We're longtime Brooklyn residents, and very excited to be starting over in a new neighborhood - I'd just like to know a bit more about it - of course we'll explore ourselves, but people who already live there always know the best stuff.


  • No one has anything to say about Clinton Hill? 
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    I wouldn't worry about the Section 8 housing. That's everywhere in Brooklyn (and Manhattan for that matter). There are sketchy junkies that hang out along Fulton, around the Putnam Triangle area, but that doesn't stop you or anyone else as no one is dangerous. 

    Instead, there are more and more amenities opening up around there. 

    Some spots: 

    • Hill Cafe, good for brunch, after work drink / dinner, nice backdoor area
    • Cinnamon Girl is a tiny bakery / coffeeshop, next the co-op and underneath what looks like an old political HQ site. No place to sit, but I highly recommend their amazing fresh pastries, cookies, scones, and especially muffins
    • The Good Batch is on Fulton near St. James has IMO the best coffee I've had and they're known for their ice cream sandwiches that they make
    • Outpost is a recent new opening, that's more of the young / hipster crowd. Wasn't my scene but it's a place to sit and read (ideally with large groups of people like you, which seems to be the trend there) 
    • Sud Vino & Cucina is more of a high end / trendy Italian bistro spot a few blocks north for dining 
    • Doris is a trendy nightspot, young people
    • Fulton Grand is a neighborhood bar, fairly laid back and talkable 
    The food options around Clinton Hill are pretty sparse and IMO far inferior to what you get if you walk a few blocks south to Franklin Ave south of Atlantic. There's a blossoming of worthwhile places there, and they're so close to you.

    I think Clinton Hill is rapidly changing, and even if it's already gentrified, it's not done yet. Some condo towers are being build at the corners (visible from the intersection you described). 

    I can't talk to you about parks, schools, or kiddie things or dog things as I'm a different demographic than that.

    I can say it's safe (certainly safer than most of Bed Stuy, from my experience), it's mixed demographically and culturally, it feels like it's becoming more and more of a Park-Slope-like 'couples with strollers' sort of place.
  • I'll add that the block in question is more than fine. The worst you're likely to experience is loud radio playing during the summer months (its actually a bit much at times, but you'll live). Everything else seems pretty safe. 
  • Thank you both. It's definitely a neighborhood in transition. I think it will be a good change for us.
  • @brickstoner hit the nail on the head. Also, depending on where you are in Clinton Hill, you might be dining in Fort Greene more, on Dekalb between Vanderbilt and the park. I believe there are only 2 grocery stores, a Key Food on Fulton across from Good Batch and a "fancy" market on Waverly. It was an Associated that was renovated upscale. Overpriced for what it is but has alot of organic goods and nice beer selection (so does Key Food though).

    Choice Market is a great place to get a sandwich or salad, so delicious. We love the restaurant Marietta.
  • The OP would be a few blocks from that Key Food on Fulton. And, while not right at Ft. Greene's door at that location, the OP is still within walking distance. Closer to the OP's location are Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, and Prospect Heights, which all have their own pluses and minuses as far as amenities, etc., go. 
  • I'm curious about the newish food coop on (I think) Putnam. I know it's small but I'm hoping it will be useful. It's always nerve wracking to start over in a new neighborhood, but it usually works out, right?
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    Instead, there are more and more amenities opening up around there. 

    Some spots:
    • Outpost is a recent new opening, that's more of the young / hipster crowd. Wasn't my scene but it's a place to sit and read (ideally with large groups of people like you, which seems to be the trend there)
    Outpost is new?  It opened in 2006. 

    I second Fulton Grand.  Fantastic place.  Other great beer options are Hops Hill on Fulton and Waverly and the new Kelso brewery tasting room around the corner on Waverly closer to Atlantic. 
  • I didn't know that. I take that back about Outpost. :-)

  • Thanks, everyone. If anything new comes along, let me know!9
  • It's a racially diverse block, at least for now, but unfortunately that is changing rapidly.
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    Hello, and welcome! I live on this block.

    The Section 8 housing on the corner of Classon isn't problematic at all. Lots of foot traffic coming in and out, but not much noise. Every few weekends, the people over at 89-105 Lefferts Place (big apartment building right in the middle of the block) will throw a massive party in the outdoor space behind the building that unfortunately can be heard all the way over at the entrance to the subway on Fulton & Franklin. These inevitably end up getting shut down by the cops as many neighbors call in noise complaints. But that's about it.

    It's a nice block, lots of single family/garden apartment configurations. Once the "Lefferts Mews" going in on the south side of the block get finished, it will be much nicer as there is lots of construction.

    The neighboring area can appear to be somewhat bleak but has a lot of decent spots.
    Lunitas is on Fulton across from Outpost and is a great, cheap breakfast spot with really good eats. Outpost is also good eats, but their coffee is garbage, go to Daily Press on Fulton & Franklin instead. Cochinita on Fulton & St. James is delicious tacos/burritos/bowls, and Sisters a little bit further down is a really beautiful space with good American eats (delicious fried brussel sprouts) and really good cocktails. Alice's Arbor is also fantastic, and Calaca on Putnam between Classon & Franklin is great tacos as well. Emily for delicious pizza.

    Fulton Grand, Doris, and Glorietta Baldy are all good bars around here, though the bartenders at Doris can be a bit slow and the crowd can be a bit pretentious. Weekdays are best. Hops Hill down Fulton is also great, and there's also Hotbird on Atlantic & Clinton that's a pretty interesting spot. There's tons of stuff further south across Atlantic (one of my favorites is Covenhoven – great backyard) in Crown Heights/Prospect Heights that's all easily walkable.

    As far as groceries go, there's a huge Key Food on Fulton & Washington, and a big Associated on Fulton between Franklin and Classon. Associated also has a massive walk-in fridge with tons of craft beers on stock, and they serve/fill growlers there too. Fridays/Saturdays you can get a growler for $2 off.

    All in all, it's a nice location to be in although Lefferts Place isn't really "Clinton Hill", it's just kind of a weird spot between Bed-Stuy, Atlantic Ave, and the Clinton Hill Historic District. Being on the south end of the neighborhood is nice because it's very easy to walk to Prospect Park, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy, etc. The central location is really great. Welcome!

  • ^^Why do you say Lefferts Place "isn't really Clinton Hill?" Clinton Hill is larger than the Clinton Hill historic district, just like Prospect Heights is larger than the Prospect Heights historic district, etc. Lefferts Place is very much Clinton Hill. 
  • Thanks so much for all the info. We were over there today and yeah, there's a lot of construction. But it's a beautiful block and we're happy we'll be part of it.
  • Dough, let's not forgot Dough!!!!
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