Dog Owners: Be Alert In Prospect Park!!! A Man Is Attacking Dogs!! — Brooklynian

Dog Owners: Be Alert In Prospect Park!!! A Man Is Attacking Dogs!!

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ALERT! -- Reposting a notice about a recent attack & an ongoing alert from FIDO Brooklyn (Fellowship in the Interest of Dogs and Their Owners):

Warning - Creep Still Threatening Dog Owners in Prospect Park!!! (Reposted from Prospect Park Dog Owners Page)
-->>Originally Posted by TG on 8/6/15:

I wanted to post a warning for extra vigilance in the park after an
incident last night. My roommate was walking my dog around 7:20 - 7:25
p.m. near the entrance to the park at Lincoln Road and Ocean Avenue. He
was approached by a man who chatted to him about how my dog was
cute, etc and then said: "Nice dog. Do you know how easy it would be to
take his head off?" He then violently kicked my dog and ran south down
Ocean Avenue.

Concerned that my dog was hurt, my roommate took
him back to our apartment before calling the police. Unfortunately, the
78th Precinct told him that he would have had to stay at the scene and
call 911 immediately to file a report.

It seems that a similar
incident occurred across the park two days ago, so if anyone else finds
him/herself in similar circumstances, please call 911 immediately as the
78th Precinct requires. (The 78th Pct oversees Prospect Park.)

Note:  You can also call the 78th Precinct Detective Squad directly at 718.636.6483 to report any incidents.  Also, we are awaiting a description of this attacker and will post with any details once they are provided. But as this kind of incident has happened a few times in the park recently, be on alert to anyone who approaches you or your dog and carry your cell phone!!

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