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Black Smoke from Chimney in Neighboring Building

There is black smoke coming from the chimney of a neighboring building with a dull chemical smell. I am on the top floor and can smell the odor in my apartment with the A/C running -- it's giving me a massive headache. I'm new to apartment living so unsure how common this type of odor is and if it's normal when an oil burner kicks in after a summer of non-use. I researched the cause of such a smell, and it appears there may be a faulty HVAC system in the building next door. Not sure of next steps and who I should alert. Any advice is welcome. 


  • I'd call 911 better safe than sorry. However, in all probability it's just chimney chemicals burning off.
  • Thank you NewGuy88 -- there is a lingering chemical smell in the air this morning but no soot residue and building is still intact. Reported to 311. Have a great day. 
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