The details of the ambitious NYC ferry plan become clearer — Brooklynian


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    This is a waste of money, since ferries require a ton of subsidies and few residences, workplaces, and subway connections are near to waterfronts.

    That said, I'm sure these will be fun to putz around on during weekends with a bicycle. Take advantage before they're cancelled in 2 years or so due to miniscule ridership, like the prior version of the Rockaway ferry.
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    The ferry plan is spurning new residential units, which will be occupied by residents who may be powerful enough to keep the ferries running even if they lose money or have miniscule ridership.
  • Other than along the existing East River Ferry, and in the Upper East Side, there is very little dense residential development near the ferry docks. Sea Gate and Soundview are gated communities, which are very unlikely to be upzoned.

    Pier 11, the hub of the system, is several blocks from a subway, so a subway transfer will be impractical.

    The land near the Rockaway dock is owned by the National Park Service.

    The Upper East Side docks will very soon be upstaged by the Second Avenue Subway.

    I just don't see this system being very sustainable. It's only popular among politicians because political leaders can 'build transit!' without actually digging up streets or striping bus lanes where free parking was previously located.
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