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Pathmark is going out of business. — Brooklynian

Pathmark is going out of business.

The Pathmark at Atlantic Center/Terminal (by Barclays) is closing for good. I only realized that the parent company (that also owns A&P, Superfresh, and Waldbaum's) declared bankruptcy over the summer. This particular location has been purchased by Stop & Shop, who will take over this location.

I overheard someone say that the Pathmark should close by October or sometime in October.

The store is not honoring coupons or its Pathmark rewards card program, despite what the parent company's website says. All sales are final.



  • Good riddance, Pathnark. Stop and Shop is heads and tails above Pathmark in quality and service.
  • In addition to getting $ to pay creditors, I suspect much of the merchandise must be sold before the change over because different supermarkets have agreements to exclusively carry different brands.

    Now may be a good time to stock up on canned goods.
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    "Good riddance" - I agree. That Pathmark was decent when it first opened but in the last few years service was definitely lacking. Lines were long no matter what time of day I went in there (and I have gone there sometimes during the overnight hours).
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    That Pathmark was pretty awful.  Long, long lines, and many staple items were out of stock or impossible to find.  Don't even try asking for help, because the employees didn't know the store (I will say, though, the one time I had to go to the customer service desk the woman working there was helpful, knowledgeable, and cheerful.)

    I don't hold out much hope for Stop & Shop, although I like the chain, because that location will be overrun with customers no matter what.  I think it's pretty much the only large supermarket for almost all of downtown Brooklyn and Ft. Green.
  • I occasionally shop there because it is so conveniently located.

    However, lines are long and I have the feeling that is due (in large part) to prolonged arguements between cashiers and customers over price, esp as it relates to specials and coupons.

  • I stopped by today after work close by. About 50% of the store is now empty. Some good sales (40-50% off), but a lot of lame 10-20%. I assume prices will go down more. They said the last day is next Thursday.
  • Pathmark had great sales and also stocked things that were impossible to find at smaller stores.

     In my experience the customers were the worst part of the store. Always arguing over the stupidest things e.g. trying to buy a cartload of ketchup when only that brand's mustard was on sale or trying to get two full carts through the self checkout. If people didn't argue the lines would move twice as fast. I can't blame the people working there for being unpleasant.

    I hope stop and shop keeps the large selection, low prices and is better able to control the troublesome cusotmers. 
  • Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and buy a years supply of granola bars.
  • Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and buy a years supply of granola bars.
    Those might only be at 30% off - max.

  • It's not worth going out of your way. Better sales can be had at normal shops not closing. Even produce, which you'd think would have the highest sales, were only 10% off. I got some jars of pickles and olives for 50% off, but not much else. Wait a few days.
  • From what I saw last night, this Pathmark is now closed. Signage for Stop and Shop is already up, but no grand opening date has den posted.

    If the Target across the street had expanded grocery options (like the one at the Junction), it'd be nice to fill the gap left behind by Pathmark.
  • It closed on Wednesday. Signage in the store said the bank will still be open during the transition. I went when items were 60% off and stocked up on sauces for Indian food and other food in jars
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    The Pathmark in Gowanus (near Lowe's) does not appear as if it will become a supermarket run by a different company.

    I think it safe to say that is due -in part- to the bankruptcy as well as the new Whole Foods at 3rd and 3rd.
  • The new owners are open to leasing to another grocery store. I nominate Wegmans. This site would be by a subway.
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    On 1/19/2017, you can buy a part of the former Gowanus location of PATHMARK at auction.

  • An auction, huh? Interesting. 

    I didn't go by this location when it was going out of business, so I didn;t see whether it had signs that said, "Hey, even our fixtures are for sale!"
  • I do not think Ms Whynot would appreciate me buying a rotisserie that could handle 20 chickens at once.
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    More chicken to feed a crowd! :)