Maybe someone or all of you can explain this to me... — Brooklynian

Maybe someone or all of you can explain this to me...

I see lots of young folks, the hipsters, the gentrifiers of this neighborhood and many of them seem to smoke. Now, I would think that they have heard about the ill effects of tobacco and I'm just wondering if they're trying to look grown up (because that went out decades ago) or it's a way of being anti-establishment or they just don't give a crap about their health and are well off enough to afford $11/pack butts.


  • are you sure they are smoking and not vaping?
  • There's not that big a difference..

    I feel like vaping is getting less popular in the city also.. it seemed like a safer alternative for a second but a lot of science called that into question. 
  • I can tell the difference between real and fake cigarettes.
  • I'm not sure that I saw anyone smoking e-cigarettes outside of the bars on Franklin, even at the height of the vaping hype. 
  • There do seem to be a lot of tobacco/hookah/bong/vape places opening up.

    I've never really thought about which is most popular.


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    NYC has always had more and, more to the point, more visible smoking. Are you sure you're not just hyperfocusing on "hipsters and genterfiers?"

    Most people who smoke in NYC seem to do so as stress coping mechanism.
  • Yeah, I'm not a hipster. Or, sadly, anywhere near young. I am addicted to tobacco, though!
  • Mr. Crownheighster, to my chagrin, is addicted to cigarettes as well. Though he is more in the 40ish age range...
  • The real truth is though, the young people are hardly smoking at all.  The campaigns worked.  If you go into the back patio of say, Crown Inn on Franklyn (where smoking is tolerated), a person over 30 can marvel at the sight of buzzing outdoor space without a cigarette in sight.  When I was in my early 20s that area would be one big cloud of smoke.

  • Pragmaticguy,

    $11/pack?  Have you been away for a while?

    The last time I checked, cigarettes were selling for at least $13.50/pack.


  • Hi, l0ngtime heavy smoker here, and I'm trying to quit because my lungs are a mess. It's a nasty addiction, and I'm 55. Don't blame the kids. MY kid (at 16) seems to be showing no inclination to smoke anything at all; he yells at me for smoking, and seems to have gotten the message that it's a stupid habit. Hope he keeps on feeling that way.
  • @RRB....I don't buy them so I only took a guess at the price. And yes, I see lots of youthful people smoking. I get why someone would try it as I personally smoked from when I was 16 to 22 and tried my first one when I was around 12 but that was nearly 50 years ago. Why anyone would stick with it today is something that's beyond me. Good luck to emilyb. I hope you are able to quit.
  • In NYC, cigarette smoking seems to be inversely correlated to the difficult-to-define construct known as "social class" more than it has in the past -say- 40 years.

    At this moment, I am defining "social class" as being a combination of factors such as education, mental illness, education and income.
  • Vaping may not be "safe", but there's no question that it is safer than smoking.

    Any time you're burning anything and inhaling it, you're releasing hundreds of chemicals and tars that coat the inside of your lungs.  Vaping reduces the chemical exposure to just a few basic elements.
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