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New Podcast Wants Your Stories

New Podcast Wants Your Stories

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Have you ever felt like a fish out of water? Have you ever found yourself in a "fake it til you make it", unexpected kind of situation in your personal, professional or even your inner life?

If the answer is yes and you have a great story to tell, I want to talk to you for a new podcast I'm producing.

Your story might be funny, suspenseful, awkward, frightening, uplifting, absurd unthinkable ... (feel free to insert a more original adjective here).

All stories must be 100% true to the best of your recollection. First and third person narratives are both acceptable. This is ideally your story but could also be about someone you know.

It would be best if you've never told your story publicly before -- on stage, on air, in print etc. -- but if you have, please try to pitch it from a new angle.

Please e-mail me a one to four sentence description of what happens in your story. And please include your location. Also, keep in mind that if your story is selected, I'd need to meet with you somewhere in the NYC area for 60 to 90 minutes to record.
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