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East Flatbush Subway: MTA Wants to Study It

From Brownstoner.

Transit riders, rejoice! After months of bitter battle, the MTA’s $29 billion capital improvement plan was officially approved Wednesday in a unanimous vote by the MTA’s board, reported the New York Times.

Here’s what the plan means for Brooklyn.

A bridge will connect the Livonia Avenue L and Junius Street 3 stations
Duh. The two above-ground stations in Brownsville are just a block apart. It was ridiculous for them to have not been connected in the first place — one of those relics from back when the lines were run by separate companies. The new $30 million pedestrian path will welcome riders into the 21st century.

A $5 million study will consider extending the Utica Avenue subway line
When the mayor proposed extending the 3 line beneath Utica Avenue in April, he called the strip “one of the densest areas in the city not directly served by the subway.” Now the MTA will spend $5 million gathering data to see just what kind of impact extending the 3 train through Flatbush could have. Our prediction: lots.

The area is one of the few in Brooklyn to suffer a decrease in housing values over the past decade. It is served by the B46 bus. (read more at Brownstoner)


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    It is my understanding that the Utica Avenue extension was built into the original plans for the 3. It's something that has been seriously considered many times but for varying reasons never occurred. Hopefully we will see it actually happen this time. 
  • It may happen but if it's anything like the 2nd Ave subway it's going to take decades,
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